Meeting with Karl Keiner!

Meeting with Karl Keiner!


November 11, 2014. A meeting was held with Dr. Karl Keiner from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany at the Centre of Bologna Process to interact on issues regarding to academic mobility of students of both universities.

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Meeting with Nelly Sologashvili-Purcell and Noomi Weinberg!


October 27, 2014. A meeting was held with the Head of International Marketing, Nelly Sologashvili-Purcell and the Senior International Officer of King`s College London, Noomi Weinberg in Almaty. The face to face meeting was about issues of academic mobility of students and accreditation between WKSU and Kings`s College London. 


The Education UK exhibition in Almaty!

October 26, 2014. British Council and the Centre for International Programmes supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan organised the Education UK exhibition in Almaty for pupils, students, parents and young professionals to learn about the opportunities and advantages of studying in Great Britain, where we had an opportunity to meet and talk to representatives of universities regarding to establishing co-operation in the educational and scientific field between WKSU and UK universities. 






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