University students participate in labor semester

zhasil el 1Every year students of the University are involved in it ІІІ- labor semester. Government department forms from the students of the university building 10 units, 6 specialized groups "Zhasyl ate."

In the total number in the 2012/2013 academic year, a semester ІІІ- eat the labor involved in the MTR - 150 students in the program "Zhasyl el" - 100 students. The analysis of this paper shows that during his stay in the MTR students acquire life lessons that are needed in the future. Participants in the program "Zhasyl el" contribute to a green economy: plant trees, flowers, exercise care of them. Of course, all this is good practice for students to gain experience in the labor force.

zhasil el 2 According to the results of his labor-III semester 2012/2013 academic year "Best commander MTR -2013" recognized as a student of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics Duisenbaev Torehan, he awarded "Best commander MTR"; for active participation in the preparation of fighters "Zhasyl el" university awarded Alғys huts akimat WKO and voted "Best university" in the implementation of this program. In carrying on forimrovaniyu MTR and "Zhasyl el" to the III-he participated actively working semester students: Tapaeva F, G Ersainova, Orash H Atadosov X Gumar A ropes T Muratkalieva D, F Dzhambulova, Maksot M.

In 2014, university students actively began to work and the formation of MTR "Zhasyl ate." More than 300 students expressed a desire to work on construction sites, forestry city and region. University students are distinguished by high responsibility in the conditions of the contract with the conservancy facilities, genuine patriotism for the honor of the university in the performance of orders given by the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev of the scientific work "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: 20 Steps to a society of universal labor."

MTR and "Zhasyl el" - work hardening of students, they receive for future employment.


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