Sports ground opening

September 4 as part of City Day at WKSU im. M. Utemisova the opening of the sports ground. The ceremony was attended by university management, staff and students of the university. From the first minutes of the ceremony, the atmosphere of a real holiday was felt: flags fluttered around the site, energetic music played. The event was opened by the vice-rector of WKSU Darisheva T.M. The first vice-rector of the University Tasmagambetov A.S., in the framework of the opening of the sports ground, threw the first soccer ball. Students of the specialty "Choreography" performed with a dance number. Freestyler Aibolat Kubashev demonstrated football freestyle tricks.


I must say that today in WKSU all the conditions are created so that sports are truly accessible to all students. The platform is universal - it is suitable for both professional training and training for the younger generation.


WKSU named after Over the course of 87 years, M. Utemisova has been training teachers for physical education teachers, contributing to the health of the younger generation in our region. Every year, the leadership of the university strengthens and expands the sports infrastructure, opens health and training complexes. At this sports ground, students will take classes in physical education, as well as competitions in collective sports. Today, the university has 16 sports sections for various sports, which are attended by about 500 students and over 300 university students are members of sports clubs and teams of regional sports organizations.


 Our university is justly proud of its sporting history and its glorious traditions. A health cult has been formed at the university, a whole galaxy of illustrious champions and champions has been brought up who have achieved serious results and significant victories at international and republican levels: participants in the Olympic Games, members of national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By their example, they inspire others, lead to victories. Among them: E. Larionova, E. Plotnikova, A. Dergunov, E. Antonova, D. Eleusinov and many others.


It is gratifying that every year thanks to veteran mentors (Ismagulov KI, Zhardemov Zh.S., Salov V.Yu., and many others), the ranks of athletes and sports enthusiasts, supporters of a healthy lifestyle in the student youth environment are replenished . 

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