Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan - national pride

Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan - national pride


"At all times and in all peoples, the state symbols have been the capacious and concentrated embodiment of statehood and independence.

We have a majestic, ideologically rich coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem."


State symbols-form the image of Kazakhstan's society in the world context. The symbolism of sovereign Kazakhstan reflects the main directions of the ideology of the independent state, its historical development, thinking and philosophy. In General, state symbols represent a young sovereign state and indicate the continuity of historical traditions.

In this context, an important state task is to educate the younger generation of respect and special attitude to the Holy symbols of their country, which harmoniously reflects the highest human values, traditions and customs of the multinational people of the Republic.

As part of this day in the reading room №4 scientific library wksu.M. Utemisov was held the event "Official ramster – ulttyk matonis", which was attended by the 1st year students of the faculties of art and culture, pedagogical faculty; students 1 and 3 courses of the specialty "Social pedagogic and self-cognition", "Pedagogy and psychology", senior lecturer Nadezhda Staglieno Koldasova. At the event, with reports on the state symbols was made by E. Serikkali And Imagenow, Mr. Akhmetov.The musical decoration of the event was the Patriotic song "Kok tudyn zhelbiregeni" performed by the student Nurmagan A. at the end of the bibliographic review of the book exhibition was held, where the materials about the state symbols were reflected.The same event will be continued in the reading room №3 of the faculty of history, Economics and law. The main purpose of the celebration Of the day of state symbols is the promotion and development of the ideas of Kazakhstan patriotism.

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