To the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad

July 17, 1942 began the Battle of Stalingrad, lasted 200 days and nights and ended with the largest victory of the Soviet Armed Forces on February 2, 1943. Kazakhstan bordered with the Stalingrad region for 500 kilometers from the Caspian Sea to Alexander Gai, so a wide band of stations and settlements of the West Kazakhstan region was drawn into the theater of operations of the Stalingrad Front. In memory of this event, the scientific library of the ZKU after them. M. Utemisov organized a book exhibition in the hall of the administrative building and the faculty of "History, Economics and Law". Where teachers and students could see books dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad and learn about the heroic deeds of the people of Kazakhstan in this difficult bloody war.

Сауалнама - Анкета




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