The successes of young people in the university Mahambet III-eat labor semester

2 500x334The objective of student construction and specialized units - participation in the labor semester. As a part of student construction brigades worked in the summer of 2015, 120 students. The university sformarovany squads "Kazakh Eli", "EXPO-2017", "Lady," "Mangilik eat", "Nurly Zhol", "Sұңқar."

At the closing of the III-term employment of the West Kazakhstan State University named after Makhambet Utemisov awarded Best of the institution; in the nomination "The best commander" winner was the commander MTR "EXPO-2017" - Zhusupkaliev Dulat; Squad "Namys", who led Gumar Akzhan, won in the nomination "Best Squad"; fighter of "Kazakh eli" Abzalov Ernar was awarded the nomination "Best Fighter"; Cabera Darkhan, Zhumashev Alibek, Sagyzbaev Azamat awarded letters of thanks. Advances MTR fighters who have made a contribution to the prosperity of our green city, without a doubt, will serve as an example for their peers.

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According to the program "Zhasyl el" in 3 detachments worked 130 students; groups were formed: "Sarbazdar" - Commander Bekbolat Aiym; "Arular" - Commander Nabiulina Zulfiya; detachment of "Amanat" - Commander Altybaykyzy Moldir. According to the results of work in "Zhasyl el" Bekbolat Aiym was awarded the nomination "Best Fighter" Altybaykyzy Moldir awarded in the nomination "The best commander".


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