Songs, scorched by war

konkurs 9 05 1 500x333May 6, 2015 Department of theory and methodology of teaching physical education of the Faculty of Education of West Kazakhstan State University im.M.Utemisova held a contest of military and patriotic songs "Songs, scorched by war", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

 The contest was held in the auditorium of ZKGU among students of pedagogical faculty. The jury worked as a teacher of the department "Musical education" Lyapina LB, Erbulatova KE, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Education PhD, associate professor of Ergalieva GA, Head of the Department TiMPFV COMMENT .H. RF, associate professor ZKGU Baytlesova NK, the organizer of the CRA Department of vospiatelnoy work and social issues Baktygalieva ES


konkurs 9 05 2 500x333 konkurs 9 05 3 500x333 konkurs 9 05 4 500x333Among the invited guests at the event were veterans of the Great Patriotic War Bukatkin Pavel Romanovich, Zholdykairova Meruet Zholdykairovna, as well as veterans of the labor of our university.

The audience honored the memory of all victims minute of silence, heads bowed before the greatness of the feat of the Soviet soldier.

The program of the competition sounded the song "Oh, those clouds in the blue" from the movie "Moscow Saga", "Alia", dedicated to the hero of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova, one of the most penetrating wartime song "In the dugout," the famous "Katyusha", a popular patriotic song devoted to the Great Patriotic War from the movie "The Belarusian railway station" "We need a victory," Bulat Okudzhava itd ..

konkurs 9 05 5 500x333Execution of songs, accompanied by a slide of war. Competition was supplemented by dance numbers and stihotvoeniyami on military subjects. For example, a student group 06105 specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Altyn Seytimova very moving read stihiotvorenie Konstantin Simonov's "Wait for me."

As a result of competition of songs about the war declared winners: Student

1 course of a specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Dana Oryngalieva

(Group 06103) - 1st place for the song "Aliya", 1st year student of the specialty "Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" Sarsengaliev Erbolat (Group 06108) - 2nd place for the song "We need a win." The third place jury awarded 3-year student majoring "Basic military training" Kushigenovu Armand (Group 05302), who performed the song "Oh, those clouds in the blue."

And the audience award won the vocal group of students of 1 course of a specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" (Group 06105) Baydok Ayazhan, Darguzhieva Samal Ermaғambetova Diana Zhakupova Moldir, Serikkali Aygerim, Utarova Aқmaral.

For your courage in battle ...

For your pain ...

For your wounds ...

During my happy life - We bow to you, veterans!

Inclined to the great feat of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Remember that we are the descendants of the great victories, great heroes and must spend their lives with dignity, to our grandchildren proud of us as well as today we are proud of our grandparents, veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

And let the - the Great Patriotic War songs sounded with renewed vigor.


Accompanist of the Department TiMPFV Kabdykulova AM


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