Sports ground opening

September 4 as part of City Day at WKSU im. M. Utemisova the opening of the sports ground. The ceremony was attended by university management, staff and students of the university. From the first minutes of the ceremony, the atmosphere of a real holiday was felt: flags fluttered around the site, energetic music played. The event was opened by the vice-rector of WKSU Darisheva T.M. The first vice-rector of the University Tasmagambetov A.S., in the framework of the opening of the sports ground, threw the first soccer ball. Students of the specialty "Choreography" performed with a dance number. Freestyler Aibolat Kubashev demonstrated football freestyle tricks.


I must say that today in WKSU all the conditions are created so that sports are truly accessible to all students. The platform is universal - it is suitable for both professional training and training for the younger generation.


WKSU named after Over the course of 87 years, M. Utemisova has been training teachers for physical education teachers, contributing to the health of the younger generation in our region. Every year, the leadership of the university strengthens and expands the sports infrastructure, opens health and training complexes. At this sports ground, students will take classes in physical education, as well as competitions in collective sports. Today, the university has 16 sports sections for various sports, which are attended by about 500 students and over 300 university students are members of sports clubs and teams of regional sports organizations.


 Our university is justly proud of its sporting history and its glorious traditions. A health cult has been formed at the university, a whole galaxy of illustrious champions and champions has been brought up who have achieved serious results and significant victories at international and republican levels: participants in the Olympic Games, members of national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By their example, they inspire others, lead to victories. Among them: E. Larionova, E. Plotnikova, A. Dergunov, E. Antonova, D. Eleusinov and many others.


It is gratifying that every year thanks to veteran mentors (Ismagulov KI, Zhardemov Zh.S., Salov V.Yu., and many others), the ranks of athletes and sports enthusiasts, supporters of a healthy lifestyle in the student youth environment are replenished . 

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Student construction team

In M.Utemisov WKSU traditionally began its work student construction team "Makhambet zhastary". Currently, 20 students work in the squadron. They help in landscaping and construction of new facilities. Did you work in the student construction team? 







A round table on "The role of the Leader in the formation and development of Independent Kazakhstan»

IMG 9635 miniToday at the M.Utemisova West Kazakhstan state University held a round table with the participation of experts on "The role of the Leader in the formation and development of Independent Kazakhstan", organized by the Department of history of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In her greeting, the Vice-rector for educational work and social issues T. M. Darisheva emphasized the importance of this event for young people. All speakers noted the huge role of the President in the formation and development of an independent state. Undergraduate Aidana Duzbasova elaborated on the state programs for young people initiated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, in particular, the presidential program "Bolashak", "With a diploma in the village", "Youth practice" and many al.

The round table helped once again to reveal the greatest merit of the leader of the nation, his place in the history of the Kazakh people.


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"BKMU koktemi – 2019"

IMG 9737 miniIn order to support talented students, the formation of Patriotic, spiritual and moral qualities of the individual, training talented students to participate in international, national, regional art competitions, festivals of youth creativity from 10 to 16 April was a traditional festival of arts "BKMU koktemi – 2019", organized by the Committee on youth Affairs of the M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan state University, center of student government. The festival "Student spring" is a celebration of art. This festival was held among students. Within the framework of the festival "Student spring" new names and future young stars are defined. This competition helps to strengthen friendly relations between students studying at the University. At the festival of arts "BKMU koktemi – 2019" students competed in the following categories: best presenter, best pop song, best ensemble, best master of instrumental performance, best master of traditional song, choreography, best master of artistic reading, best leader, best fan club and best video.
In the team standings:
I place-faculty of Philology;
II place-faculty of natural geography;
III place-faculty of history, Economics and law. The closing ceremony of the art festival continued with a gala concert.


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Erniyazova Aliza won a bronze medal!

6ff00cb0-688e-4922-a1e9-f182235faf3626.04.- 4.05.2019 year in Antalya ended 5th world Cup on togyzkumalak among men and women. As a result, our compatriot Erniyazova Aliza won a bronze medal in rapid chess and became master of sports of international class. In the area of the 4th MSIC. Since the 4th grade Aliza started circle togyzkumalak in 44-th school of Uralsk. Today the 1st year student of the faculty of physical culture and sports of Makhambet Utemisov WKSU. Congratulations on victory! 

Mini-football tournament

IMG 8917 miniThe main part of the directions announced in the Message of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan, is aimed at the formation of patriotism, love for the Motherland, the development of mass sports among young people. Within the framework of the world AIDS day, in order to promote healthy lifestyles and establish friendly relations among students, with the support of the regional center for the prevention and fight against AIDS of the health Department of the akimat of West Kazakhstan region, the youth public Association "Zhas economist" held a mini-football tournament among students of higher and special educational institutions dedicated to the world AIDS day. Following the results of competitions winners and prize-winners of tournament were awarded, І team of M. Utemisov WKSU took places., SECOND place-team WKITU, III place-team of the West Kazakhstan agrarian technical University them. Zhangir Khan. In competitions took active part and distinguished a member of the national team of M. Utemisov WKSU Kayrat AHMETOV "best goalkeeper", team member of KAZETU ANEBY JAKSYBEK the "best defender" , a member team of the West Kazakhstan agrarian technical University them.Zhangir Khan TENEL ALPAMYS "best striker" and a member of the M. Utemisov WKSU of MAKSUTOV RAUL was "the best player", they were awarded diplomami and gifts.


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An evening dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Garifolla Kurmangaliyev was held

On April 23, students and teachers of the department of traditional musical art at the university held a gala evening dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Garifoll Kurmangaliev. A video about the life of Garifolla Kurmangaliyev was shown at the event, the participants sang together his songs, widely known throughout the country.

“Know your story: May 31 is the day of memory of victims of repression”

15042019From 9 to 19 April at the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov passes ten days dedicated to the memory of victims of repression and hunger. According to this ten-day plan, on April 11, 2019, Associate Professor of the Department of World History and Socio-Political Disciplines, Candidate of Historical Sciences Boranbayeva B.S.delivered a lecture on the theme: “Know your story: May 31 is the day of memory of victims of repression” to students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. During the historical educational lecture, students got acquainted with the causes and consequences of political repression in Soviet Kazakhstan, the consequences of repression on the national elite, as well as the fate of our people, were also introduced to the three daughters of the Kazakh people Sh. Shananova, T. Suleimenova and M. Tanatova, who were repressed during the repression. Plus, Udaybergen Albina, a student of the 1st course of the Fiz-11 group, made a presentation on “Karlag - field of tragedy”, Zeripbaeva Diana, a student of the 1st course of the group I / y -13 gave a presentation on the topic “Women - innocent victims Algerian camp "



IMG 1114 miniMarch 4, 2019 among the faculty and staff of the wksu was a sports family event "Dad, mom and me". The purpose of the event: promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the family. As a result of the competition, the First place was taken by the team of the faculty of natural geography, the SECOND place-the team of the faculty of history,Economics and law , the THIRD place-the team of the faculty of Philology.

At the end of the event, organized by the Center for healthy lifestyles, the Department of physical education together with the primary trade Union organization wksu, families who became winners were awarded diplomas and gifts. 

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Thank you parents for everything!

IMG 8249 miniIMG 8253 mini

March 1 was an event dedicated to thanksgiving day, organized by the Scientific library of wksu. The guests of the event were parents with many children-employees of our University. The event was held in a pleasant atmosphere, the guests shared valuable tips on how to create a harmonious family, how to raise a child. Students prepared a concert program for the guests, and the head of the trade Union of the University Mergen kuanyshevich presented guests with gifts.

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