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II-nd Republican forum of curators

higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Date: 22 may 2019

Location: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke Khan Avenue No. 5,

South Kazakhstan state University.M.Auezov

22 may 2019 South Kazakhstan state University.M.Auezov holds the II-nd REPUBLICAN FORUM of CURATORS higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan "CREATIVE YOUTH - the PATH TO INTELLECTUAL POWER."

The event will be held scientific-pedagogical ROUND TABLE Model "4K - CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION skills, ABILITY to WORK IN a TEAM" for the Methodist secondary and professional technical education, with the participation of the Public Fund "Fund for support and development of international pedagogical creativity and science", the International Academy of pedagogics and innovative technologies.

2019 is the year of the youth "Thelist urpaktary" this is the continuation of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev on 5 October 2018 "Growth of welfare of Kazakhstan: increase of income and quality of life." The attitude of every citizen of Kazakhstan the processes of change in the country. «...Comprehensive support of the youth and family Institute should become a priority of state policy. You need to create a broad platform of social mobility, which will include a full range of support measures to all categories of young people" said the Head of state.

Goal The II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, discussion and qualitative approach in sales and promotion "...new approaches to the accents of education, science and training have shifted to a model "4K: the development of creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and ability to work in a team." Encourage the development trajectory of the person and the youth: education, work, family. The solution of problems of socio-cultural adaptation of youth, the development of competitiveness of young people – the way to intellectually power.

Tasks The II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan to introduce and discuss new and creative teaching ideas in the development of the young generations, promoting the intellectual potential of the younger generation, problem solving socio-cultural adaptation of youth of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main directions for the publication of articles

1. Scientists-teachers about "4K": creativity. critical thinking, communication, ability to work in a team"

2. "A difficult profession": innovations of the technical and IT areas

3. "A difficult profession": a new liberal education

4. "Green town green village" - business projects of youth

5. The unity of people and interethnic harmony

In the II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan will include the Youth movement of the party Nur Otan - Zhas Otan, Assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan, akimat of Shymkent city and Turkestan region, the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, the Higher school of Kazakhstan, Department of education, physical culture and sports, culture of the akimat of Shymkent city and Turkestan region, Nazarbayev intellectual schools of Shymkent, the Public Fund "Fund for support and development of international pedagogicheskogo creativity and science". Association of business women of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Council of young scientists of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ENACTUS, and public figures.

Poster sessions presentations, exhibitions of scientific achievements of young people in the region, coaching training business, social, projects.

The working languages of the II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Kazakh, Russian, English

Location: prospect Tauke-Khan №5, SKSU them.M.Auezov, main building, 3rd floor, Assembly hall.

Science fair: foyer 3rd floor of the main building.

Registration: 900-1000 h

The opening of the forum and Planernoe session:1000- 1300h

Breakout session:1430- 1700hrs

Forum closing: 1700- 1800h.

Registration fee and publication in the proceedings of the II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 2000 (two thousand) tenge. Co-authorship up to 3 people.

On all questions to address:

1.7(7252)30-05-71.Research management of SKSU M.Auezov – PhD, Director of Nazarbek Ulzhalgas the Bahytovna. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.7(7252)21-19-82. the applications for participation in the forum and publish articles in the collection. Research management of SKSU M.Auezov - the chief specialist of the NIU Torgautov Sholpan Ashiralieva; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Articles are accepted until may 15, 2019.

The collection of materials will be released in electronic format.

Payment is accepted in cash upon delivery of the article and Bank transfer.

Bank details:

The registration fee to transfer material face Kanatovo Asiye Aseity


identity card No. 035091873 from. 01.08.2013 MIA RK

The Shymkent branch of Kazkommertsbank No. 4003032776194757

The application for participation

Application form:


F. I. name of reporter (full)


Academic degree, academic title


Organization, position




Contact phone, Fax (international code)


The title of the report


The title of the section


The necessary technical equipment


Hotel reservation (Yes, no)

The requirement for publication of articles

In the proceedings of the II Republican forum of curators of the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The text of the article is available on paper and electronically. The text should be typed in text editor Microsoft word, font Times New Roman, font size main text – 12 p.t., drawings, diagrams – 11 p.t., line spacing – single, indent the beginning of a paragraph – 1.0, justified alignment.

1. Page setup: A4, margins: left – 2cm, right – 2 cm, top 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm

2. The total volume of the article, including tables, illustrations and references – from 3 to 10 pages.

3. The article title should be concise and reflect its content.

4. For articles in the Kazakh language abstract and abstract, article in Russian then and abstract, for an article in English then and abstract required. The contents of the annotation then and abstract must be identical. The number of words is 100-150.

5. Information about the author (s) should include: full name, academic degree, academic rank, name of institution, city, country.

The structure of the article

1. UDC (universal decimal classification index) is in the upper left corner (11 p.t.).

2. Name of author(-s) (12 p.t.).

3. Position, academic degree and academic title, name of organization, city, country (11 p.t.).

4. The title of the article in the article's language, Caps Lock, 12 p.t.

5. Abstract – in the article's language, 11 p.t.

Abstract (author's summary) is a brief summary of the scientific work. According to the abstract the reader must know the nature of the study. The results are described extremely accurate and informative. The text should not contain background information, extra introductory words, General and insignificant wording, abbreviations, references. The abstract should be done in one paragraph.

6. Key words – up to 10 words, 11 p.t.

7. The text of the paper (12 p.t.). The article should be structured using the headings, for example:

8. Tables and figures should be placed after references. Each table should have a title. Figures should be clear, nakanyonyi. Sample figure captions: Fig. 1. Dependence ....: a ...; b – ...

All abbreviations and acronyms except known should be expanded at first mention in the text.

9. List literaturtage to include only those works cited in the text and that have been published or accepted for publication. References should be numbered in the order cited in the text. Self-citations should not exceed 20-30% of the total list. The literature not older than 10-15 years should be at least 70% of the list.

10. Annotation (in Russian and English for articles published in the Kazakh language; in Kazakh and English languages, for articles published in the Russian language; in the Kazakh and Russian languages for articles published in English).

11. Information about the author responsible for correspondence: full name, telephone number, e-mail.

Annex 1

UDC 541.18 (font size 11 p.t.)

G. A. Askarov(12 p.t.)

Phys.N., associate Professor, SKSU them. M. Auezov, Shymkent, Kazakhstan (11 p.t.)

if there are several authors, then executed as follows:

. D.1., Zhumagulov E. M1., Aidarbekov D. B2., Dairbekov S. N.3.

1 Ph. D., Professor, Karaganda state University named. After E. A. Buketov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

1 Ph. D., associate Professor, Karaganda state University named. After E. A. Buketov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

2 senior lecturer, Eurasian national University. L. N. Gumilev, Astana, Kazakhstan

3 Ph. D., associate Professor, NazarbayevUniversity, Astana, Kazakhstan


(12 PT.)

Abstract (11 p.t.

Keywords (11 p.t.)

Main text (12 p.t.)

List of references(12 p.t.)

Tin (11 p.t.)

Abstract(11 p.t.)



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2018 жылдың 7 желтоқсан күні самбо күресінен Қазақстан Республикасының еңбек сіңірген жаттықтырушысы, самбо күресінен КСРО спорт шебері, Қазақстан Республикасының Құрметті спорт қайраткері Жұбанышқали Садырұлы Жәрдемовтың жүлдесі үшін қазақ күресінен жоғары оқу орындары және арнаулы оқу орындарының студенттері арасында қалалық ашық турнирі өтеді.
Палуандар 55, 60, 66, 74, 82, 90, 100, +100 келі салмақ дәрежелерінде бақтарын сынайды.
Өтетін орны: БҚМУ спорт сарайы

Уважаемые студенты 1 курса!

2018-08-14 10:36:22


Құрметті М.Өтемісов атындағы БҚМУ оқытушылары және студент жастары!

2018-05-11 09:33:48

Құрметті М.Өтемісов атындағы БҚМУ оқытушылары және студент жастары!

М.Әуезов атындағы Қазақ мемлекеттік академиялық драма театры Оралға келіп жатыр. Ертең яғни 12.05.2018 жылы сағат 12:00-де М.Өтемісов атындағы БҚМУ бас ғимарат акт залында М.Әуезов атындағы Қазақ мемлекеттік академиялық драма театрының актерлік құрамымен кездесу өтеді. Театр ұжымының биік талғамды, өрелі өнерін көріп, жаныңызды түлетіп, салиқалы әңгіме өрбітіп, рухани байып қайтуға шақырамыз!

"СТУД ВЕСНА - 2018"

2018-04-19 05:14:58

Upbrining events

М.Өтемісов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан мемлекеттік университетінде «1001 мақал 101 жұмбақ» онлайн конкурс ұйымдастырылды

2020-04-22 05:57:11


Ағымдағы жылдың 16 сәуір күні еліміздегі төтенше жағдайға байланысты, университет студенттерінің бос уақыттарын тиімді пайдалану, ауыр кезеңдегі уақытта студент – жастардың көңілдерін баулу және ой-өрістерін дамыту, шапшаңдыққа баулу мақсатында жастар ісі жөніндегі комитеттің ұйымдастыруымен «1001 мақал 101 жұмбақ» онлайн конкурсы «@makhambet.zhastary» инстаграмм парақшасы арқылы тікелей эфирде оздырылды. Аталмыш конкурсқа университетіміздің 35-тен астам студенттері тікелей эфирге байланысқа шығып, конкурсқа қатысты. Конкурс барысында студенттерге 51 мақал және 30 жұмбақ жасырлыған болатын. Конкурстың шарты смайликтер арқылы жасырынған мақалдарды табу және тікелей эфир арқылы жасырылған жұмбақтардың шешімдерін тікелей эфирде айту болатын. Студенттеріміз белсенділік танытып, 51 мақалдың 30 мақалын және 30 жұмбақтың шешімдерін дұрыс тапты. Бұл конкурс студенттерге әсерлі көңіл және шапшаң ойлау қабілеттерін қалыптастырып, дамытуға септігін тигізді. Конкурс нәтижесі бойынша Аққұлова Дана – «Кітапхана ісі» мамандығының 2 курс студенті және Қуанова Ақтоты – «Педагогика және психология» мамандығының 2 курс студенті жүлделі І орынды иемденсе, жүлделі ІІ орынды – Өтепова Ақгүл - «Қазақ тілі мен әдебиеті» мамандығының 3 курс студенті және Төлеген Әсем – «Дене шынықтыру және спорт» мамандығының 1 курс студенттері жеңіп алса, Нұрмашева Лунара - «Бастауышта оқыту педагогикасы мен әдістемесі» мамандығының 1 курс студенті және Қуаныш Гүлнұр – «Құқықтану» мамандығының 1 курс студенттері жүлделі ІІІ орынды қанжығаларына байлады. Сонымен қатар барлық белсенді қатысқан студенттерімізге алғыс хаттар табысталатын болады.

         Конкурсқа аса қатты қызығушылықтарын танытқан студенттер онлайн конкурстардың жиі ұйымдастырылып тұруын күтетіндерін және барлық студенттерге онлайн конкурстарға белсенділік танытып, қатысуға шақырды. Бұндай онлайн конкурстар еліміздегі төтенше жағдай аяқталғанға дейін өз жалғасын табатын болады.


Тәрбие бөлімінің жетекшсі Ж.Е.Ешимова

Sports ground opening

2019-09-05 04:55:07

September 4 as part of City Day at WKSU im. M. Utemisova the opening of the sports ground. The ceremony was attended by university management, staff and students of the university. From the first minutes of the ceremony, the atmosphere of a real holiday was felt: flags fluttered around the site, energetic music played. The event was opened by the vice-rector of WKSU Darisheva T.M. The first vice-rector of the University Tasmagambetov A.S., in the framework of the opening of the sports ground, threw the first soccer ball. Students of the specialty "Choreography" performed with a dance number. Freestyler Aibolat Kubashev demonstrated football freestyle tricks.


I must say that today in WKSU all the conditions are created so that sports are truly accessible to all students. The platform is universal - it is suitable for both professional training and training for the younger generation.


WKSU named after Over the course of 87 years, M. Utemisova has been training teachers for physical education teachers, contributing to the health of the younger generation in our region. Every year, the leadership of the university strengthens and expands the sports infrastructure, opens health and training complexes. At this sports ground, students will take classes in physical education, as well as competitions in collective sports. Today, the university has 16 sports sections for various sports, which are attended by about 500 students and over 300 university students are members of sports clubs and teams of regional sports organizations.


 Our university is justly proud of its sporting history and its glorious traditions. A health cult has been formed at the university, a whole galaxy of illustrious champions and champions has been brought up who have achieved serious results and significant victories at international and republican levels: participants in the Olympic Games, members of national teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By their example, they inspire others, lead to victories. Among them: E. Larionova, E. Plotnikova, A. Dergunov, E. Antonova, D. Eleusinov and many others.


It is gratifying that every year thanks to veteran mentors (Ismagulov KI, Zhardemov Zh.S., Salov V.Yu., and many others), the ranks of athletes and sports enthusiasts, supporters of a healthy lifestyle in the student youth environment are replenished . 

IMG 3526IMG 3540IMG 3541IMG 3546IMG 3558IMG 3609IMG 3627


Student construction team

2019-05-29 03:52:33

In M.Utemisov WKSU traditionally began its work student construction team "Makhambet zhastary". Currently, 20 students work in the squadron. They help in landscaping and construction of new facilities. Did you work in the student construction team? 







A round table on "The role of the Leader in the formation and development of Independent Kazakhstan»

2019-05-13 12:59:16

IMG 9635 miniToday at the M.Utemisova West Kazakhstan state University held a round table with the participation of experts on "The role of the Leader in the formation and development of Independent Kazakhstan", organized by the Department of history of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In her greeting, the Vice-rector for educational work and social issues T. M. Darisheva emphasized the importance of this event for young people. All speakers noted the huge role of the President in the formation and development of an independent state. Undergraduate Aidana Duzbasova elaborated on the state programs for young people initiated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, in particular, the presidential program "Bolashak", "With a diploma in the village", "Youth practice" and many others.et al.

The round table helped once again to reveal the greatest merit of the leader of the nation, his place in the history of the Kazakh people.


IMG 9630 mini

IMG 9655 mini

IMG 9686 mini

IMG 9683 mini

IMG 9661 mini


"BKMU koktemi – 2019"

2019-05-06 04:43:53

IMG 9737 miniIn order to support talented students, the formation of Patriotic, spiritual and moral qualities of the individual, training talented students to participate in international, national, regional art competitions, festivals of youth creativity from 10 to 16 April was a traditional festival of arts "BKMU koktemi – 2019", organized by the Committee on youth Affairs of the M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan state University, center of student government. The festival "Student spring" is a celebration of art. This festival was held among students. Within the framework of the festival "Student spring" new names and future young stars are defined. This competition helps to strengthen friendly relations between students studying at the University. At the festival of arts "BKMU koktemi – 2019" students competed in the following categories: best presenter, best pop song, best ensemble, best master of instrumental performance, best master of traditional song, choreography, best master of artistic reading, best leader, best fan club and best video.
In the team standings:
I place-faculty of Philology;
II place-faculty of natural geography;
III place-faculty of history, Economics and law. The closing ceremony of the art festival continued with a gala concert.


IMG 9627 mini

IMG 9635 mini

IMG 9654 mini

IMG 9673 mini

IMG 9714 mini

IMG 9717 mini

IMG 9726 mini

IMG 9734 mini

IMG 9735 mini


Сауалнама - Анкета




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