Take part in the VIII international Olympic Games in the sphere of information technologies

150x120 2014

We invite all students of ZKGU of M. Utemisov to check the IT knowledge and skills in the VIII International Olympic Games "IT Planet 2014/15".

The practical orientation of competitions will allow participants to understand better needs of employers, to get acquainted with representatives of the largest ICT companies and to take the first steps to the successful career. Organizers of competitions and partners of competitions such companies as 1C, as Cisco, D-Link, Google, Huawei, Intel, InterSystems, Oracle, SAP, the GNU / Linukstsentr and special design bureau the Contour act.

Competition program Olympiad «IT-Planet 2014/15" includes 6 nominations and 15 competitions:

Programming. As part of the nomination contests held:

Programming: C # and ASP.NET MVC

Programming 1C: Enterprise 8

Programming: Java

Databases. As part of the nomination contests held:

Programming: SQL

Caché object database and BI DeepSee

By Javascript via SQL to victory over the Big Data

Telecom. As part of the nomination contests held:

Data transmission technology in local and global networks

Protocols, services and equipment

Technology and equipment of mobile networks 4G (LTE)

Mobile platforms. As part of the nomination contests held:

Mobile Application Development

Russia Android Challenge

Digital creativity. As part of the nomination contests held:


Web Design

Free software and robotics. As part of the nomination contests held:

Robofabrika ScratchDuino

Best Free Diploma

Linux administration

To participate in the competition must be made within November 2014 to apply online world-it-planet.org.

Participants Olympiad «IT-Planet 2014/15" should pass the qualifying tests, among them - online testing, preparation of creative works and remote decision cases. Those participants who cope with the task better than others, meet at the international finals to be held in Belarus in June 2014. The winners will be awarded prizes, diplomas and medals.


Test your strength and succeed!





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