Training in Kalmykia

Hello, Dear colleagues!

You from Kalmyk state University worried.

My name is Anselm Hundayi, head of sector of international cooperation programs.

In the framework of the existing cooperation agreement between our universities, I remind you that students and teachers can undergo training in Kalhu.

In this regard, kindly request you to 30 may the list of students wishing to do an internship on the basis of Calgo for the planning process of the arrival of your students.

We Express our respect to You and appreciate your cooperation.

Required documents:

1. Official letter addressed to our rector (Badma Salayev Kalinovich) stating the names of the students;

2. Name + specialty. (for approval with the education Department which courses they will be able to do internships) in format word

3. The curriculum of the students.

With respect!


Сауалнама - Анкета




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