The final stage of the competition of innovative projects

IMG 6208 miniApril 12, 2019 at the West Kazakhstan state University. M. utemisova held the final stage of the competition of innovative projects among the teaching staff of the University.

The aim of the competition is the introduction of innovative learning technologies, the search for new ways to improve the quality of training, demonstration of the experience of teaching staff and improve the efficiency of training, stimulating the staff of the Department, adaptation of teachers to quality professional activities with the use of innovative learning technologies in the classroom within the updated content of education.

The main objectives of the competition: the development of innovation in wksu, promoting the activity of teaching staff, the formation of an educational Fund using information technology, improvement and development of innovation and educational process in wksu.

The first stage of the competition was held among the faculty and the best works were put forward at the University stage of the competition.

At the final stage of the competition the submitted projects were evaluated according to 5 main criteria:

1. relevance, originality and scientific novelty of the project

2. realistic goals and objectives of the project

3. clarity and specificity of determining the final result of the project – an innovative product

4. the quality of methodological support of the claimed innovative learning technology

5. the degree of introduction of innovative technology in the educational process (types of training sessions covered by innovative technology).

At the final stage, 10 projects of the teaching staff of the University were presented.

The competition Commission which included experienced teachers-specialists identified the 5 best projects that received the highest number of points on 5 main criteria.

1. Kydyshev A. S. - doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Institute "Rouhani air». "Technology introducing students to the culture of the Chechen question "(based on" Will oratory")).

2. S. B. Kalakhanova - pedagogical faculty, senior lecturer of the Department of pedagogy and psychology, master. "Google Forms online servisn excellent-tarbie dersinde oldnode timing".

3.B. M. Kusainova - faculty of natural geography, lecturer of the Department of chemistry. "Hydrotreatment of oil products".

4. B. S. Imangaliyev, A. O. Gubareva - physics and mathematics faculty, senior lecturer of the Department of physics and teacher-master. "Methodical approaches to the development of astronomical knowledge of students on the basis of the dual system of education."

5. S. T. Sarmanbekov – faculty of culture and art, teacher of the Department of fine arts and design, head of the workshop. "Jewelry design in national style".

All participants of the final stage of the competition were awarded certificates, as well as the authors of the best projects nominated to encourage the administration. The works of the contest participants will be published in the scientific-methodical collection "School of advanced pedagogical experience".

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