From session to session students live fun

rus 2"From session to session, students live fun" - says the student saying. How memorable student years will depend on ourselves. This proverb, and guided students RYAL-12 group, when creating a youth student theater "Contemporary". Originally part of the theater was small, but gradually began to grow. If the first performance of "Sun inside" attended only by students of the department of Russian philology, now also part of the actors in the theater added to the students of the Department of Foreign Languages, and even the students of the Faculty of Economics.

rus 1More recently, a second premiere of "Three Beauties". See comedy came teachers of the department, students from the faculties of philology, art and design, as well as students of the Department of Biology. The play tells of three women who are over 50, but faith in the love and happiness has not left them. Affectionate and home Larissa (Shelomanova Alina), sensible and calm Inga (Svetlana Klimenko), temperamental and unruly Maya (Aymuhambetova Alina) despite his age want to find love and get married. In the process of finding a girlfriend and lost his friendship, and again it found to be experiencing and helping each other. That is the opinion of the student Askarova Alia, who attended the premiere, "I completely forgot that it was my odnogruppnitsy, they played so professionally! I have gone through all the points together with the heroines. I felt sorry for Inga and angry at Maya, even wanted to intervene in the process to help heroines. I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and those who helped in the production of this play. I think we all got real pleasure from the game of actors. "

Dear students and teachers, "Contemporary" the door of the theater is always open for you! Come to the performances, see, enjoy, criticize, participate, but do not be indifferent, because it depends on us just how memorable will be our student years!





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