Pushkin Poetry Festival

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June 6, 2015, students and teachers of the department of Russian philology took part in the celebration of Pushkin's poetry at the monument to Alexander Pushkin. Leading events (a graduate of the Faculty of Philology, journalist Peter Trotsenko and guide Pushkin Museum Linara Sikhov) take a tour at a time when Alexander was in Uralsk. After the solemn words, which included performances of the vice-consul of the Russian Federation in the Urals Yu Ponomareva, dean of the Faculty of Philology A.S.Kydyrshaeva, Senior Lecturer R.E.Vinnik, the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument. With the reading of poems made by students of the Faculty of Philology Gumarova I Batyrniyazova H., K. Sukpusunova, Azhgalieva, et al. Distinguished reciters of poetry were presented with souvenirs - a collection of poems of the poet.

After celebrating the birthday of the poet senior lecturer in Russian philology Winnick RE and 1st year student Batyrniyazova H. were invited to the TV-Oral Kazakhstan for participation in the program "Good morning." With the release of June 8, Rosalind Eyzerovna told about the humanistic values ​​of creativity Alexander Pushkin, new discoveries in Pushkin studies, the perception of contemporary art by students of Pushkin, about the impact of his poetry in the works of Russian poets H1H and twentieth centuries. Batyrniyazova Horlan shared her impressions on the participation of students in the Pushkin Poetry Festival, she suggested that a poet care of young people enduring moral values.

Pushkin's poetry - an inexhaustible source, which is like a fairy tale, water them, "living water" anyone who touches it.

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