Dialectological practice with the students of Atyrau State University H. Dosmukhamedov

Dialectological practice at the department of Russian philology NKSU im.M.Utemisova ASU students were im.Dosmuhamedova 1st through June 6, 2015 g .:

- Studying the specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction": Izmuhan Danagul, Turegalieva Altyn, Magzomova Ardant (215 Group);

students in the specialty "Russian language and literature": Esilhankyzy Nesibeli (216 Group);

Director: Dosbolova Gulnar Otzhanovna


Teachers working with students ZKGU: Associate Professor Denisov GA and Senior Lecturer Winnick RE

June 4th session held on acquaintance with the history of the formation of the Ural (Yaik) Cossack, with the interaction of the Turkic languages ​​and dialects:

- The history of the settlement Yaik Turkic and Slavic peoples,

- Formation of Yaik (Ural) Cossacks as a sub-ethnos,

- The impact of the Turkic languages ​​and the northern Russian dialects,

- A reflection of the Urals in the local dialect toponymy. A tour of the Stolypin Boulevard, where students learn about the history (story I.Zheleznova "Shilihinsky fire"), a history of the construction of the Rotunda (near where the meeting took place with the terms of Leo Tolstoy akutintsev), family history of Borodin (House Konstantin Borodin) Rassokhina merchant house, which in the early 20th century, was repeatedly stopped young Fedin. June 5th a tour of the Kazan Square, then worked in the office of folklore and dialect to them. N.M.Malechi, wherein:

- I met with the terms of academic colleagues N.M.Malechi, with his life and creative way;

- Met with the methodology of collecting and processing dialect material (working with notebooks, which are records in 1948 -52 years), got acquainted with the theme of the texts, filling in the forms of word cards.

- Students are also acquainted with the themes and subjects works I.Zheleznova, N.Savicheva A.P.Yalfimova and whose work is connected with the Ural and Ural say.

June 6 students worked in the reading room of the University, where he met with a "dialect dictionary Ural (Yaik) Cossack" N.M.Malechi (led N.S.Valitovoy), interviewed on the Cossack anthroponyms dictionary of personal names; Students watched a glossary of "Muslim names", drew attention to linguistic attributes anthroponyms. This was followed by a tour of the museum "Old Uralsk» under the direction of writer A.P.Yalfimova. Students learned history of the founding of the town Yaik, prominent cultural figures who have visited Uralsk, studied the uniqueness of life Ural Cossacks.


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