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logo1Student in Arabic "applicant", "applicant" means. When students did not claim that they are one of the most, one of the most active members of society. Glory to attempt to science and the knowledge of the student is the teacher, a teacher of joy. West Kazakhstan region, the Akzhaik training of future professionals in the region, with a history of more than eighty years, one of the universities - University of West Kazakhstan State University who possess the good of the age requirement. The overall success of the students of this university at the current size of the entire region. Also approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, one of the success "of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2015 subject to the schedule of the Olympic Games," according to the Kazakh city of Almaty on April 13-15, 2015 at the Academy of Sport and Tourism 5V010800 "Physical Culture and Sports" among students "Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports" on the subject of the VII Republican Olympiad was ozdırılğan. West Kazakhstan State University, Faculty of Education 5V010800 "Physical Culture and Sports" in the second and fourth year students Ergen Zhaksybayev, Nauryzbek Ïdeyatov Şarxan as Nurolla students. The head of the group theory and methodology of teaching physical education senior lecturer in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Master of Sayat Nurbolatovich governor.

Subject of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Olympics, "Physical Culture and Sport" training of specialists in all institutions of higher education, including national, state and private institutions of higher education, ten teams competed. This prestigious tournament went to the university on behalf of the team in second place in the overall standings, and second place in the individual reporting a fourth-year student of the dissolved Zhaksybayev, a second-year student Şarxan Nurolla third place, a second-year student, won third place in the of Nauryzbek Ïdeyatov. All participants were awarded with diplomas and head of the group. In a way, this team showed the best result in the last year, took second place. For example, a separate report on the second place of the fourth-year student in the last year of the dissolved Zhaksybayev VI Republican, who finished third in the individual competition. Coming up from year to year, which means that students majoring in education jatırğanınıñ sit for a month but it is a look at the results boladı.Top, our students not only in the field of sports and tourism in the country in the direction of educational institutions, students of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism will taytalasqanın. Well known in the direction of the academy, Olympic champions the only educational institution in the country. This result shows how high the level of education of our students. Thinker, philosopher Joseph Balasagun, "someone without a college education is the core and make the garden garden food" a great word. In which a black roof garden of the university-educated, intelligent students are always a lot of friends.

Yes, today's students are tomorrow's professionals. Student-time combining their theoretical knowledge in practice, their knowledge and skills in the country almost always recognized şäkirtterimizge success and a bright future, and a member of the faculty of the university and head of the team, an experienced teacher, a Master's degree in physical education and sport Sayat successful Nurbolatulına work and success.

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