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IMG 0734 miniMay 22, 2019 at the Palace of sports of M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan state University held a job fair for students –"Сareer Day". This is an annual, traditional event held at the University.
The purpose of this event is to assist in the employment of graduates of non-pedagogical specialties ("Economy", "State and local government", "Accounting and audit", "Finance", "Tourism", "Information systems", "Ecology", "Law", "Design", etc.), development of practical skills of interviewing with employers.
The event was attended by representatives of about 60 organizations, such as regional departments, city and district departments of employment and social programs, creative and cultural centers, Karachaganak petroleum operating B. V., PSP "Serik", Department of internal Affairs, Prosecutor's office, environmental centers, West Kazakhstan branch of the National Bank, Department of public service center, sports schools, Courts of the city. Uralsk and the region, West Kazakhstan branch of the Republican television and radio Corporation, second-tier banks, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, travel agencies, etc.
More than 384 students of non-pedagogical specialties of M. Utemisov WKSU took part in the job fair.


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The final stage of the competition of innovative projects

IMG 6208 miniApril 12, 2019 at the West Kazakhstan state University. M. utemisova held the final stage of the competition of innovative projects among the teaching staff of the University.

The aim of the competition is the introduction of innovative learning technologies, the search for new ways to improve the quality of training, demonstration of the experience of teaching staff and improve the efficiency of training, stimulating the staff of the Department, adaptation of teachers to quality professional activities with the use of innovative learning technologies in the classroom within the updated content of education.

The main objectives of the competition: the development of innovation in wksu, promoting the activity of teaching staff, the formation of an educational Fund using information technology, improvement and development of innovation and educational process in wksu.

The first stage of the competition was held among the faculty and the best works were put forward at the University stage of the competition.

At the final stage of the competition the submitted projects were evaluated according to 5 main criteria:

1. relevance, originality and scientific novelty of the project

2. realistic goals and objectives of the project

3. clarity and specificity of determining the final result of the project – an innovative product

4. the quality of methodological support of the claimed innovative learning technology

5. the degree of introduction of innovative technology in the educational process (types of training sessions covered by innovative technology).

At the final stage, 10 projects of the teaching staff of the University were presented.

The competition Commission which included experienced teachers-specialists identified the 5 best projects that received the highest number of points on 5 main criteria.

1. Kydyshev A. S. - doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Institute "Rouhani air». "Technology introducing students to the culture of the Chechen question "(based on" Will oratory")).

2. S. B. Kalakhanova - pedagogical faculty, senior lecturer of the Department of pedagogy and psychology, master. "Google Forms online servisn excellent-tarbie dersinde oldnode timing".

3.B. M. Kusainova - faculty of natural geography, lecturer of the Department of chemistry. "Hydrotreatment of oil products".

4. B. S. Imangaliyev, A. O. Gubareva - physics and mathematics faculty, senior lecturer of the Department of physics and teacher-master. "Methodical approaches to the development of astronomical knowledge of students on the basis of the dual system of education."

5. S. T. Sarmanbekov – faculty of culture and art, teacher of the Department of fine arts and design, head of the workshop. "Jewelry design in national style".

All participants of the final stage of the competition were awarded certificates, as well as the authors of the best projects nominated to encourage the administration. The works of the contest participants will be published in the scientific-methodical collection "School of advanced pedagogical experience".

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Participation in the webinar


April 4, 2019, employees of the center for distance learning WKSU after by

M. Utemisov participated in a webinar conducted by the group of companies

" Центрсофт" city Nur-Sultan.

The theme of the webinar: "Organization of distance learning using Moodle DLS. Practical demonstration of student and teacher capabilities".

In total, 169 people from different educational institutions of Kazakhstan took part in the webinar. In connection with the abolition of distance learning, the issue of the use of distance learning technology is particularly acute.

The webinar discussed the possibility of using the distance learning system Moodle, the latest version 3.6.2 programming language Php. As well as a demonstration of the software product. These webinars contribute to improving the quality of the use of automated information systems in distance learning of student.


25 February wksu held a master class L. A. Smetannikova - legends vocals

 IMG 9544 mini25 February wksu held a master class L. A. Smetannikova - legends vocals. The master class was attended by students of the specialty "Vocal art" of the Department "Music education and vocal". In his work with young singers Leonid Anatolyevich touched upon the problems of sound formation, articulation, singing breathing and emotional-figurative interpretation of the performed work. The master noted the high level of training of students and professionalism of teachers of the Department "Music education and vocal".

In the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov held a seminar


On November 29, 2018, a training seminar was held for heads of structural divisions of the university.

 The seminar addressed the following issues:

1) Introduction of new regulatory legal acts and introduction of amendments and additions to the existing regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

- Model rules for the activities of the organization of education, implementing educational programs of higher and (or) postgraduate education;

- Model rules for admission to study in educational organizations that implement educational programs of higher education;

- The list of groups of educational programs for which special and (or) creative exams are held;

- Rules of formation and distribution of the state educational order for training personnel with higher and postgraduate education;

- Rules of the organization of the educational process on the credit technology of education;

2) Recommendations for making changes and additions to the EP, taking into account the updated content of education.

The purpose of the seminar is to increase the potential of the academic and managerial staff of the university in the context of new legislation in higher and postgraduate education.

The seminar, which was attended by the heads of departments of the university, used materials from the conference and seminars "Development of Higher and Postgraduate Education: Experience and Prospects" and "Modernization of Teacher Education", "Educational activities of universities in the context of expanding academic and managerial independence", also indicators of the Roadmap for the development of higher and postgraduate education and the modernization of teacher education.

Moderator of the seminar. Vice-rector for educational and methodical work Tasmagambetov A.S. explained the changes and additions to the NLA and the need for further guidance in the organization and conduct of the educational process. Speakers of the seminar Director of the Department of Academic Activities Kaisagaliyeva GS and senior lecturer of the Department of secondary education and technical education, and Abougaliyeva GS revealing the prerequisites and prospects for the introduction of updated content of education, presented the recommendations of the NAO Altynsarin on introducing changes to the EP, taking into account the updated content.

Западно-Казахстанский государственный университет им. М.Утемисова проводит курсы повышения квалификации по программе «Мир детей» для преподавателей вуза в рамках обновленного содержания образования.

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С 17 по 19 октября 2018 года в Западно-Казахстанском государственном университете им. М.Утемисова проведено обучение – семинар по профессиональному развитию программы «Мир детей» в рамках обновленного содержания образования для преподавателей вуза, которые проходят практику в школах с ноября по декабрь 2018 года.

В семинаре приняли участие преподаватели и директор «ДАД» К. С. Кайсагалиева. Семинар проводили старшие преподаватели кафедры педагогики и психологии Исмагулова Ю.С., Абдраимова Е.К., Хабиева Д.Г., Абугалиева Г.С.

Цель семинара-тренинга - предоставить учителям информацию об организации учебного процесса в контексте обновленного содержания образования, улучшить педагогический опыт, развивать практические навыки преподавателей и повысить их профессиональную компетентность.

В первой секции представлен опыт использования обучающих технологий и методов, направленных на решение образовательных задач на основе содержания обновленного образования.

Работа второй секции основана на обсуждении методов обучения и методов организации исследовательской деятельности студентов в процессе обучения. Обсуждались целевые тенденции когнитивной деятельности учащихся, развитие творческих способностей.

Семинар-тренинг был представлен на плакатах с использованием примеров обсуждения, игр, методов обучения, критического мышления (токсономия Блума, концептуальные таблицы, кластеры). Все участники семинара единогласно отметили, что они активно работают, довольны своей работой, что семинар-тренинг был интересным и полезным, и они используют эти методы в своей практике.

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Встреча со старшим экспертом, доктором Штефаном Редером Уинфридом

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В университете с целью повышения квалификации специалистов в области информационных технологий состоялась встреча со старшим экспертом, доктором Штефаном Редером Уинфридом из Германии. На встрече присутствовали профессорско-преподавательский состав и студенты физико-математического факультета. 

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Распределение выпускников

12 апреля 2018 года в Западно-Казахстанском государственном университете им. М.Утемисова состоялось распределение выпускников специальностей направления подготовки «Образование», «Искусство» и «Услуги».

Әлем бойынша гуманитарлық бағыттағы 100 оқулықтың электронды базасын қалыптастыру үшін «Білімнің қайнар көзі» атты бағдарламалық қаптама

Әлем бойынша гуманитарлық бағыттағы 100 оқулықтың электронды базасын қалыптастыру үшін «Білімнің қайнар көзі» атты бағдарламалық қаптама

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