Professor at the University of Passau, Dr. Thomas Wilhelm Vyunsh WKSU them. M. Utemisov

tomos 2-compressorIn the period from 20 October to 3 November 2014 in WKSU them. M. Utemisov within the framework of academic mobility "invited foreign scientist" stayed Ph.D., a professor at the University of Passau, Dr. Thomas Wilhelm Vyunsh.

Dr. Vyunsh arrived to conduct lectures and seminars, consultations for students and undergraduates; meetings, round tables for students, faculty and staff of the University, as well as participation in international scientific-practical conference on the theme: "The national education system in the context of global competition: problems, priorities and perspectives of development", which took place on 30-31 October 2014. At the plenary session of the conference professor delivered a lecture on "The Bologna process: advantages and disadvantages."

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Dr. Dr. Thomas Vyunsh held lectures for students and undergraduates of 1-2 courses in the following disciplines:

1. History of Russia and Central Asia in the reports of foreign travel:

1.1 Theoretical approaches: Notes of travel as a literary genre and the problem subektivizatsii

1.2 How to describe and explains foreign culture?

1.3 The Golden Horde in the writings of English travelers

1.4 Notes on John Bela Russia during the reign of Peter the Great

1.5 John Ledyard the American explorer of Siberia

1.6 Edward Clark: The social structure of Russia during the reign of Paul the I

1.7 Alexander Burnes: Notes of an English officer about Uzbekistan

1.8 Travelling Thomas Atkinson in the steppes of Kyrgyzstan during the king Nicholas I

1.9 Eugene Schuyler as a diplomat and explorer of new areas of Turkestan

1.10 Ella Meylart: Journey Through Central Asia.


2. History and Culture of Eastern Europe (essays historical discourses):

2.1. John Harder and his description of the Slavic peoples

2.2. Francis Palacky and his history of the Czech Republic

2.3. Hermann Oncken and its concept of old and new Europe

2.4. Thomas Masaryk "New Europe"

2.5. The concept of Europe Otto Forst de Battaglia

2.6. Oscar Khaletskaya on borders and parts of European history

2.7. Robert Bartlett. Formation of medieval Europe.

2.8. Klaus Zernak. Eastern colonization as a universal phenomenon

2.9. Burchard Waller. Church Union, Polish and Ukrainian historiography evolution galiakanskoy.


At the end of the lectures, the professor took mikroekzameny have trainees with certificates.


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