From February 26 to February 28, a delegation of the WKSU named after M. Utemisov visited the SNRSU named after NG Chernyshevsky.



From February 26 to February 28, a delegation of the West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisov visited the Saratov National Research State University named after NG Chernyshevsky.

The delegation consisted of Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodical Work, Doctor of Historical Sciences A.S.Tasmagambetov, Head of Double-Diploma Education, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G.S.Gumarov, Dean of the Philological Faculty, Ph.D. Pedagogy and Psychology, Doctor of Historical Sciences N.A. Adelbaeva, Head of the Department of Russian Philology, Candidate of Philological Sciences G.S. Umarova.

On the first day of the visit, the rector of SSU, Professor A. N. Chumachenko received a delegation from the WKSU. During this meeting, agreements were signed on cooperation in the field of double-diploma education undergraduate and graduate programs

The next day, a round table was held on the topic: "Actual issues of the implementation of two-degree educational programs between WKSU and SSU". According to the results of the round table, a draft roadmap was developed and discussed for the introduction of two-diploma educational programs into the educational process of universities. The roadmap defined deadlines for implementation, responsible persons and the form of completion of each event. The roadmap was signed and officially approved by the university authorities upon completion of the round table.



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