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Within the framework of the program" Modernization 3.0: modernization of public consciousness"," Tugan Zher "October 02, 2018 at the West Kazakhstan state University named after Makhambet Utemisov held a meeting of" round table", which was attended by scientists, University students and representatives of the akimat of Chingirlau district, headed by the Governor of the district A. T. Esaliev.<br/ > Opening the meeting with a short introductory speech, rector of the University, candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor N. H. Sergaliyev informed about the activities carried out within the framework of the program, the activities of the Institute "rukhani zhangyru" specially created for this purpose in the structure of the University, the relevance of the archaeological excavations carried out in the territory of the complex "Segizsay" (Lebedevka) of the Chingirlau district, noted the need for further contacts between the University and the district.
In turn, the Governor of Chingirlau district, A. T. Eshaliev told about the socio-economic development of the region, the importance of the research work in the last area of importance for Patriotic education of young people. He praised the contribution of scientists, historians and archaeologists of the University N. Bagricola, Kusheva, B. Zhelezchikov versatile studied the mounds of Segesta in the 60-70-ies of the last century and discovered a lot of interesting pages of the history of the region. Unfortunately, in his opinion, these works were subsequently stopped. Archaeological excavations at the complex were resumed in the summer of this year and were not fruitless. A. T. Eshaliev thanked Tajikistan for its willingness to cooperate, expressed the hope that future research will provide answers to many questions about the historical past of the area. The candidate of historical Sciences, head of the archaeological expedition M. D. Kalmenov, students of the faculty of history, who participated in the excavations in the summer, spoke about the features of the mounds, the nature of the found exhibits, shared their views on the culture of the tribes of the early iron age, the ancient history of the tribes of the region. N. X. He and A. T. Eshaliev signed a bilateral Memorandum on the study of historical and archaeological monuments.

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