Bolashak Lessons

alzhanova 1The project "Lessons Bolashak" assistant professor of biology and ecology ZKGU im.M.Utemisova, k.s.h.n. B.S.Alzhanovoy was held a public lecture on the topic: "anthropogenic disturbance of soils and global environmental problems."

The purpose of the lecture: the motivation of university graduates to further postgraduate education on the example of graduates of "Bolashak" program.

The lecturer gave a profound analysis of contemporary global problems of soil disturbance, as well as outlined the main trends for solving this problem.

The participants received explanations to their questions about the program "Bolashak", the organization of study abroad, the requirements for applicants, the personal stories of "success" of the graduates.

Bagdagul Saktaganovna noted that the main key for success is stubborn and titanic work, in-depth knowledge in the chosen specialty, as well as a sense of responsibility and sense of duty.

The lecture was attended by over 80 students graduate courses in the specialties: "Biology", "Environment" and "Chemistry" ZKGU im.M.Utemisova and specialty "Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry" WKATU im.Zhangirhana and faculty of the aforementioned universities.

The participants noted the high level lectures and wished to hold similar events more often.

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