Interview professor at the University of Passau Dr. Vyunsha



It Professor Thomas Vyunsha in Russian

(from the video interview)


Thank you for the opportunity to come to you and talk to you. I am very glad that I came to Kazakhstan, namely in the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov Uralsk. In Kazakhstan, I have been before, or rather a few years ago. I first came here for such a long period of time. I am here for 2 weeks. I have had different experiences. Firstly, this impression of the country, students and, of course, about colleagues. Colleagues helped me a lot. In particular, the Department for International Cooperation. They organized my visit to Kazakhstan and helped me during my stay at the university. The purpose of my visit - holding lectures and seminars for students. It was interesting to work with students and undergraduates. They are very talented and, living in Kazakhstan, many of them have 3, 4 or even 5 languages. And I think that is a good start for further successful development. It turned out that they are not familiar with the traditional academic training in Germany. This is one of the reasons for my visit. We were all curious to know how it will happen fusion of cultures. Nevertheless, I have gained valuable experience in teaching in the walls of your university. Students worked on the English text. We discussed these texts in English with commentary in Russian. I think the bridge is set for further cooperation between the two universities. It is understood that there are no restrictions on the teaching disciplines. I - the historian. You can organize teaching and other disciplines, such as philology, or geographical. Depending on what kind of specialist core subjects come from the University of Passau in next time. There is an opportunity for Kazakhstan and teachers to go to Germany. In the past, Kazakhstan maintained intensive relations with European countries. This is known from the notes of European travelers who visited Central Asia in Kazakhstan. It would be useful for me, as a historian, as well as for political scientists to develop these long-standing relationship and build them at the level of academic exchanges, academic education and other research projects. It is necessary to renew this long-standing ties between Europe and Kazakhstan, between Germany and Kazakhstan. I conducted a lecture on the texts of the records of European travelers of Russia and Central Asia from the 18th to the 20th century. I think I myself am in the position of those travelers.

It would be great to continue our cooperation more intensive and fruitful. This is my wish for the future. With regard to the further development of Kazakhstan, it is certainly connected with the city of Uralsk. At university everything went fine. I do not like it here. I was given the opportunity to participate in the international scientific-practical conference WKSU them. M. Utemisov on "national education system in the context of global competition: problems, priorities and perspectives of development". The topic of my report "Bologna process: advantages and disadvantages."

Thanks once again to colleagues, faculty "History, Economics and Law" and the Department of International Cooperation. I hope that international cooperation between the two will continue, because there is a huge and great opportunities for future achievements and discoveries.

Thank you for your attention, fruitful, success, development and prosperity of your university and all the people of Kazakhstan!


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