Public Forum «The name of solidarity»

15-10-57September 23 youth "Serpіn" actively participated in the public forum "Yrys Aldi - Yntymak" at the Center for Arts and Culture named Kadir Mirza Ali. For youth was prepared by treatment. Listen to the report on "Beybіtshіlіk foams zhasampazdyқtyң 20 zhyl", "Әleumettіk zhaңғyrtyluy mұrattaryna sәykes aқsaқaldylyқtyң Abyroi - bedelіn biіktetu - uaқyt Talaba", "Otbasy құndylyқtary zhane zhas ұrpaқ tәrbiesі." The Forum will continue the concert program.


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The grant can be purchased from a particular student in the creative şıñdalw casting

15-10-47 500x358WKSU and on September 21, "Dynamics 2050" program received a grant on the basis of the initiative of the students in the creative şıñdalw casting that was in the past. 11 Kastïngkke Having a mentor, 81 students took part. Casting was very interesting and intense. At the same time, their various talents of the gifted students, instructors, and charmed the audience.

№1,2 WKSU dormitory for students of the guitar PARTY organized

15-10-44 500x377After M.Utemisov №1,2 dormitory for students of the "guitar PARTY" was organized. The dynamics of the class which has just üyrenisip students many of the most popular singers of the songs performed at the highest level, parents in rural areas, as well as by other city students sang songs praised their friends. 2.3 1-year freshmen students presented an interesting and unforgettable evening. 

Dynamics 2050 meeting with the participants of the project

15-10-42 500x501After M.Utemisov organized by the Youth Development Center "eternal youth of the country and the industry!" "Dynamics 2050" for students of the 1st year of the project participants to explain the educational value of good works, that is, young people in the university, public associations held a meeting with the chairman törayımdarımen. The main purpose of the event is to teach students to work hard to increase the sense of patriotism and public organizations to provide information about the number of young people in the 1st year students, the university and the presentation of the rules and the terms and conditions of the hostel.

The seminar-training a bright future without drugs

15-10-35 500x374September 19 in the auditorium organized a seminar-training "a bright future without drugs". The purpose of educating young people on healthy lifestyles. The training seminar; attended by well-known personalities field, specialist of internal policy WKO Talapovna Goulden, director of the Center of young resources WKO Amankosovich Daniyar, Head of Department of the Interior WKO Amanngalievich Berwick, head ALE WKO Bigalievich Merka. Guests called on the youth to a healthy lifestyle, to be constantly in search of knowledge and prepare to be in demand specialist.

Elections chief Sardar enrolled in the program Serpіn

15-10-31September 18, elections were held chief Sardar enrolled in the program "Serpіn." Attended 2nd year student of the specialty "Chemistry" Muzappar Nurzhan and 1st year student of the specialty "Computers and Software" Erkebulan Aldaniyazov. According to voting results mainly elected Sardar Muzzapar Nurzhan.

"BEST social network users" online contest

15-10-20 500x668Breakthrough 2050 "the eternal youth of the country industry" among the candidates topbasşısına students enrolled in a program called "Social network user BEST" According to the results of a competition organized an online contest Ongarbaev Ayaulym Jwmartqızı won.