Students on the program Serpіn-2050 was shown the film The Road Home

15-10-18 500x369September 12 at the auditorium of the main building named M. Utemisov ZKGU students admitted under the state program "Serpіn-2050" was shown the film "The Road Home". The purpose of the screening is to cultivate love of the motherland, the awakening of the soul of each of them, the true value of the motherland.


Excursion in the regional history museum

15-10-15 500x3765-6 September, the program made a tour in the Regional History Museum -kraevedchesky. Serpintsy got acquainted with the history of the ancient Zhaiyk.

The team of student activists under the leadership of the student rector Zhusupkalieva Dulat held a presentation on the activities of the student government had shown a slide "All for the student."

The event for the City Day

15-10-12 500x281From August 28 to September 5, the event was organized by the City Day. Serpinovtsy actively participated in the formulation of the pageant.

The leader of the group among students admitted under the state program "Serpіn-2050" "Mangilik ate zhastary - industriyaғa" at the end of the online competition "The best social network users" was Ongarbaeva Ayaulym Zhomartovna.

August 29 held cultural events Serpіn - Towards a bright future

15-10-4 500x282August 29 held cultural events "Serpіn - Towards a bright future" for students enrolled in ZKGU M. Utemisov behalf of the state program "Serpіn-2050" "Mangilik ate zhastary-industriyaғa." The purpose of the event: promotion of healthy lifestyles, the full support of the students and raise patriots.


Meeting with students to come to study under the program Serpіn

15-10-1 500x282August 28 ayynyң kүnі "Serpіn" baғdarlamasy boyynsha oқuғa tүsken studenttermen Kezdesu өtkіzіldі. Studentterge University tarihymen tanystyratyn Beyene kөrsetіldі film. Kezdesude studentterdің Ar-Namys kodeksі, zhataқhanada tұru erezhesіmen tanystyryldy. Studenttіk өzіn-өzі basқaru ұyymynyң belsendіlerі studenttіk Rector Zhүsіpқaliev Dulat bastaғan team universitettің belsendі өmіrіmen, universitettegі ұyymdarmen, sporttyқ sektsiyalarmen, үyіrmelermen tanystyrdy

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Meetings with students enrolled in the program WKSU Serpіn-2050


In the period from 18 to 28 August 2015, meetings were organized with students enrolled in ZKGU who were familiar with the 83-year-old's story of the university, with realizitsiey program "Serpіn-2050" in high school. Organized watch student deans and representatives of the Youth Development Center headed by Dulat Zhusupkalievym student rector, head of the department of educational work of the University, AS Zhaksygalievoy. 1st year students were given a place in a dormitory of the university.