''Serpin 2050'' held a seminar on the active participation of students who are studying the project.

11-02-6 500x332On February 10, "the eternal youth of the country's industry" and "Dynamics 2050" project was the active participation of students enrolled. The first section of "world-changing ideals," read a report on the second section of the Sardar students Muzappar John Spring "Alaman" wnïversïtetşilik information about the festival and to be more active, and called for a high level of the festival.

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Seminardyң moderators "Serpіn" zhastarynyң

Bass sardars Mұzappar Nұrzhan




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 "Әlemdі өzgertetіn Analar" taқyrybynda bayandama oқyғandar: Қazhғali Tұrsynay, Ongarbaeva Ayaulym

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Seminarғa қatysushy, Serpіnnің belsendі studentterі