Regional Festival «Alaman»

alaman 1October 30-31, held a regional festival "Alaman", organized by NGO "Gasyr" youth studying in the West Kazakhstan region. The purpose of the festival - increased activity among young people, promoting a healthy lifestyle, support of youth initiatives. Competitions were held on mini-football, volleyball, togyz-kumalak; It held a debate tournament, a competition for the best video categories, traditional song, a pop song, national dance, expressive reading, KVN. Students showed their activity and high level of training.



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The eight educational institutions of our regional program "Serpіn." Serpіn ZKGU in the competition in volleyball took second place (team captain Bakhytzhan Symbat); the game togyz-kumalak - I place (captain - Tolebay Aysara); in the debate tournament was attended Karamanov Galymzhan, Muzappar Nurjan in the competition for the best traditional song participated Alimbaeva Janat, pop song - Zhetesova Ayagoz, expressive reading - Sadullaev Nursultan; Competition "Zhaydarman" - KVN team Serpіn ZKGU. The students won prizes: Zhetesova Ayagoz - III place; Sadullaev Nursultan -II place in the competition "Zhaydarman» -I place. The purpose of the event is reached: they were able to unite the youth, who had arrived from across the country enrolled in the program "Serpіn." Students liked to participate in sports and cultural events.