Dynamics 2050 meeting with the participants of the project

15-10-42 500x501After M.Utemisov organized by the Youth Development Center "eternal youth of the country and the industry!" "Dynamics 2050" for students of the 1st year of the project participants to explain the educational value of good works, that is, young people in the university, public associations held a meeting with the chairman törayımdarımen. The main purpose of the event is to teach students to work hard to increase the sense of patriotism and public organizations to provide information about the number of young people in the 1st year students, the university and the presentation of the rules and the terms and conditions of the hostel.

Students Jüsipqalïev acting rector Dulat, a young economist, Chairman of the PFI Oraş Nurxat, "Student Union" Qabdeşev Chairman of the diamond, the leader of the Alliance of Students of the Ural WKSU Jastalapov raw, young Otan youth wing leader Kalenova Gulzhanat WKSU, Acting Chairman of the Friendship Club students and Ihsanov Zarina, "Greenregion, "the deputy chairman of the youth association Zhumagulova Aidan and" Tomiris "in the Acting Chairman of the Women's club of Nurlanova Jamil explained.

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