The seminar-training a bright future without drugs

15-10-35 500x374September 19 in the auditorium organized a seminar-training "a bright future without drugs". The purpose of educating young people on healthy lifestyles. The training seminar; attended by well-known personalities field, specialist of internal policy WKO Talapovna Goulden, director of the Center of young resources WKO Amankosovich Daniyar, Head of Department of the Interior WKO Amanngalievich Berwick, head ALE WKO Bigalievich Merka. Guests called on the youth to a healthy lifestyle, to be constantly in search of knowledge and prepare to be in demand specialist.

Casting was conducted for the students of the grant holders' Serpіn - 2050 "to identify creative youth. The casting involved 81 students and 11 mentors. Casting was interesting. Gifted students have won the sympathy of teachers and spectators.

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