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In 27 of March 2013 year M.Otemisov the name WKSU visible literary critic, at that the West went out from edge of Kazakhstan department Kazakh philology faculty of philology to unite, scientists: specialist-ethnographer, a professor M/M.Tleuzhanov and method 03 December 2013 Written by administrator 17018
Республиканская научно-практическая конференция на тему «Стратегия «Казахстан-2050»: проблемы развития государственного языка и полиязычного образования» 03 December 2013 Written by administrator 2186
Региональная научно-практическая on-line конференция на тему «Актуальные проблемы истории, теории и методики современного искусства и образования» 03 December 2013 Written by administrator 1592
Blogs scientists 10 October 2013 2704
Awards Rysbekova T.Z. 10 October 2013 2850
You area on theme zerdeleu, only what principles and duties advice "National history" 08 August 2013 2755
"isataj history of hero: investigated level, cheerful facts," circle on theme of prognoses table 08 August 2013 3152
July 2013 31 July 2013 2959
Учебно-методические пособия для подготовки к вступительным экзаменам 11 July 2013 2642
Actual problems of the history, theory and techniques of contemporary art and education 27 June 2013 2213




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