The faculty of culture and arts celebrated the Constitution day

On August 28 at faculty of culture and arts at the initiative of a student's asset passed a festive event "Azat елд і ң namysa Are - Ata Za ң!", RK devoted to the Constitution day. The faculty of faculty, a student's asset, first-year students, parents took part in action.

The national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan sounded. The report on the subject "Patriotic Education of Youth, Dissemination of Knowledge about Stories of Creation of the Constitution of RK" was made by the candidate of historical sciences A. M. Amanbayeva. It gave students summary of history of creation of the Constitution of RK and answered all asked questions. 

During action "The constitution тәуелсіздікт і ң кепіл і" made the report the student of the 2nd course of the specialty "Traditional Musical Art" Z.Kasymova, and also with music turns students of the 2nd course A. Gabdreshev, A. Gumar, Zh. Kozhakhmetova, A. Shaydolla acted. The leading actions the student of the 3rd course of the specialty "Design", the owner of a nominal grant of N. A. Nazarbayev of R. Sarbaliyev and the student of the 2nd course of the specialty "Music education", the republican scholar of M. Tolebayev A. Gumar could open a subject of action and light patriotic spirit in the hearts of students. 

In completion of action the dean of faculty M. I. Isatayev congratulated teachers and students on this significant day, acquainted first-year students with a student's asset of faculty and informed students on teaching and educational, scientific work of faculty and structure of university. teaching structure of faculty, student's asset, first-year students, parents.

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