The student service center has been opened.

In order to implement the tasks specified in the Address of the Head of state "Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness", as well as in the framework of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", on the initiative of the rector of M.Utemisova West Kazakhstan state University, candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor N. H. Sergaliev opened a student service Center.
The purpose of the SSC: operational and quality service of the educational process on the principle of "one window" on the basis of standards of service, eliminating duplication of functions, transparency, efficiency.
* high quality and fast student service;
* improving the functioning of the educational process;
* student support on all issues;
* increasing the role of the student in the management of the educational process;
* for full information upon request of the student;
* informing students about changes and innovations in the normative documents of the University.
In the process of training, regulated by the standard of public services, the following services are provided: transcript, issuance of academic certificates, registration for academic disciplines, re-registration for academic disciplines, recalculation of disciplines and credits, issuance of response letters on request of a particular student, issuance of copies of documents, registration for the summer semester, consultation of students and faculty, determination of GPA indicators. Service military records: registration, deregistration, reference Annex 3. Services in accounting: a scholarship, a trip of students, paid training, questions of the hostel. Passport service: Registration, deregistration, issuance of certificates.
Students can serve multiple Windows at the same time. The state service is provided in the order of electronic queue. The service time of one student is strictly regulated in accordance with the standard of service. To get the necessary service, you need to get a ticket of the electronic queue and go to the waiting room, then go to the window that is published and recorded on the screen.
Information and consulting services will be available at the student service center. For this to work, "Reception". Here is the issuance of ready-made certificates and transcripts.
Services in the SSC can be obtained independently, without the help of methodologists. For this purpose, there is a self-service corner. To obtain a certificate or transcript, you must provide personal information and leave a statement.
Applications are also accepted under the program. Any student entering the personal login program, entering the personal account, clicking the application button, selects the application service.Fill in sheets of information about the applicant and on the application. Loads a sample scan of the ID card. Prints or saves the application button. After that, a message about the acceptance of the application comes to your personal email.
With the development of the center in the future will be expanded the list of services provided by more than 20.
The opening of the student service center is an important event in the life of the University. During the break, students can come to the center and get all the necessary documents and certificates. Its creation will contribute to improving the culture and quality of services provided to students.
Student service center – is aimed at reducing the time spent by students to receive socially important services, improving the quality of services to a new level, effective and efficient solution of students ' problems, elimination of barriers and corruption risks in the system of interaction "University-student". 


Head of student service Centre Kdirguzhina E. M.

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