Expedition to the Terekty district

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 18.53.5112 April 2019 in the framework of implementation of complex event projects: "Tuinier", "Sacral geography of Kazakhstan" program, "Rouhani gear" and the day of workers of Kazakhstan science wksu named after M. Utemisov held expedition away in the Terekty district. It was attended by the Vice-rector on scientific work and international relations by K. M. Ahmedhanov, Junior researcher, laboratory of archaeology, Ethnology and anthropology, U. Sagidullin, a visiting Italian Professor, archaeologist Jean-Luca Bonora, head of the center for internationalization V. S. Zubkov, known to historians, the winners of "Best local history" Kurambaev A. sh. and K. K. Kaban. The scientists investigated previously unexplored necropolis "Shankarlal" p. Mambety, consisting of about 20 kulpytas the 19th century. When reading it was found that tokusetsu kind of kerderi Department of cotterman and jabagi. Visited the village Mambety (Socialism) Genomescale rural district Terektinsky district of West Kazakhstan region, where he met with old men who told the story of their region. In laboratory conditions, field data will be compared with archival data and Shezhire. Scientists of the University in this direction will be continued.

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