Travel to Saratov

The Department of Russian Philology.G. Turagalov F. and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics and management.Muhametkalievna To Russia on secondment to the direction Saratov


11042019 2 The purpose of the trip:

-dissemination of information (history of the University, the education and dormitories, educational-practical base, on);

-introduction higher education institutions UO;

-about time advertising (flyer, information, paper, Newspapers, instructions on using it in universities);

- the presence of the ability to receive a state grant in the Kazakh foreign citizens;

-acceptance of paid offices.

It is important to note that the agreement between Kazakhstan and foreign States in accordance with the agreement on the provision of education in connection with the transfer of the contract.

Wksu learning a foreign 2019 is accepting applicants for paid training on current and adoption of new talapkali project state grant. Through his foreign students can enroll on a paid basis. Foreign citizens on availability receive a state grant in the Kazakh system as a whole.

April 6 in the framework for career guidance to encourage training for students implementation of a national village Smooth-2019", dedicated to M. Utemisov wksu the Department of Russian Philology.G. Turagalov F. and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics and management.To. Muhambetkaliev on a working visit.

The priorities of the project, including the rules of admission of citizens to study in Russia for foreign students, information. Their academic plan at the University of sdirilmis sports and cultural events, learning environment, history of the University, hostel and taken to different areas, learn more about darityygyteby 52 8 experts. The European diplomas, to University, to work abroad, in Russia, CIS and far abroad it was noted that.

Agitation during imystery University "Orken", newspaper, information, paper, and other materials. Work in the city of Saratov "Friends" helped the Kazakh national centre.

Holiday of the Kazakh holiday Nauryz organized by associations of the Diaspora in Saratov region. On the occasion, in the Saratov region, members of the government of the region, districts, and honored guests: members of the special delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ambassadors, public associations, including rope Sakaliev Astrakhan, Atyrau Deputy akim the cities of Ajgul of Azhigalieva, Gabidolla the Ospankulov, Deputy akim of West Kazakhstan region.

Areas and local national-cultural associations, to build the Yurt on the Central street of the village, the national cultures showed national food, participate in national costumes, showed the concert program. At the entrance to the site dear guests candy, maritalement "shashu". All of the holiday " all Nations villages of the Saratov region. This year the Ministry of Finance of the Saratov region 20-year-old Kazakh national-cultural associations, activity.

In 1999 to preserve the culture, children together, and now it's a great organization. Participation in the traditional national holiday is the traditions of the Kazakh people, the tradition, through the study of cultural exchange and bilateral cooperation, friendly relations with Atinati is the basis for strengthening (Strelnikova the speech of the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Saratov region Alexey).


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