Modernization of Kazakh language is the basis of spiritual modernization

     One of the key issues touched upon in the article of the Head of State "A glance at the future: modernization of public consciousness" is the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script.

11In connection with this staff of the Scientific Library, together with the departments of Kazakh Philology, History, Economics and Law, Pedagogy and Psychology, and Physics and Mathematics, a number of activities were carried out under the name "Latin tiline koshu ana tilinii ruhani kemeldenuyni negizi", "Zhaңa әlіpbige kөshu - mazyzdy meәsele" , "Әліпбиді аыстыру - руханиятымыздың тъуелсіздігі",  "Latin әрпі - болашақтың бастауы". Doctor of Philological Sciences Sabyr Murat Bokkenbaiuly, Director of the West Kazakhstan Oblast Branch of the Public Association of the International Society "Kazakhtil" 13 Jeksenalali Bolat Өteyalyuly, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Kydyrshayev Abat Satybayli, Candidate of Philology, Head of the Department of Kazakh Philology A. Romanova, РHD doctor, lecturer of the Kazakh philology department A.Abolatov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor А.Ғ. Muhanbatchina, as well as a group of teachers Sh.Altybaeva, AKTojanova, L.Ibrahimyzy, RDSariev, AKNurmanov and 1st year students.
          During the meetings, the scientists acquainted the students with the basics of the Latin graphics adopted at the September 11 parliamentary hearings "On the Introduction of a Single Standard of the Alphabet of the State Language on the Latin Graph". The students took an active part in the discussion of the article of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness" and the issue of the transition of the Kazakh language and received exhaustive answers to questions of interest to them. Librarians of the reading rooms N.K. Esenialieva, VS Mukhtarova, SM Sabirova, and AS Zhusipova reviewed book exhibitions consisting of 3 main sections.  The first section consisted of publications in newspapers devoted to the article of the Head of State "A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness". In the second section, comments are grouped about the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script.14
 The third part reflects the publication of the Museum of Rare Books of the Scientific Library, published in Latin graphics from 1928 to 1940. In the end, Professor Abat Satybaevich Kydyrshayev, on behalf of all the teachers, staff and students of the WKSU named after M.Sh. M. Utemisova thanked the scientists of Murat Sabyr Bokkenbaiuly and Bolat Өteyaluli Zhienėli for their contribution to the development of the language and the work being done in the process of transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script.
       Analyzing the course of such meetings, we come to the conclusion that the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin graphics solves many problems. This will facilitate the learning of the English language, will open new opportunities for access to the most modern achievements of science and technology, and will also make the Kazakh language more accessible in the world space. A rich legacy of Kazakh literature will be available to readers around the world. This will enable young Kazakhstanis to freely integrate themselves into the world community and opens wide horizons of knowledge of modern science and technology. And also the reform of the Kazakh language is one more step on the way to Kazakhstan's dream of Kazakhstan becoming one of the 30 most developed countries in the world.

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