"Looking to the future" through the eyes of the master of the word

In the sanatorium "Aқzhayı" with the participation of akim of the Altai region Kulginov there was a meeting with the laureate of the International Prize named after A.Ya. Sholokhov, winner of the Қashқari Mahmoud, the owner of the order and the name of Derzhavin international award, the author of "Tau Zholy" books, "Men jylan Kyran", "Ekіnshі Omir", "Jer taғdyry", "Adaspaңdar adamdar" writer Sabit International Prize Dosanovym . The main topic of the meeting was the discussion of the Address of the Head of State "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness". The writer dwelled in detail on all the key positions highlighted by the Head of State, and stressed the importance and timeliness of the tasks set. This is - the pursuit of a brighter future by improving themselves, their knowledge, level of intelligence, the ability to freely live, work and create in a global world, at the same time preserving their own cultural and national values. The meeting was held in a free format, where readers ask questions, and of course received satisfactory answers from both the writer and from the Altai Seydirovicha. That has underlined democracy of the Kazakhstan society. Indeed, figures of culture, writers, poets, zhyrau zhyrshy the centuries has always been an important bridge between the common people and the people in power. He also shared his memories from his personal life path, where he was fortunate enough to personally intersect with the head of state.
"Nursultan Abishevich is a man of high internal culture. With all the busy state affairs, he finds time and reads a lot. Some officials need to take an example from it. When my novel "The Twentieth Century" was ready, I gave one copy to the Head of State. And two days later he was invited to see him. He spoke positively about my work. I was surprised, because it was only two days. A novel, by the way, consists of two volumes. After reading this question in my eyes, the President smiled: "Do not believe what I read?". And he began to tell the contents of the novel. It turned out that the Head of the State possesses not only a unique memory, but also perfectly possesses the technique of diagonal reading, which is accessible only to units, "the writer noted.
At the end of akim of the region of Altai Kulginov thanked all the guests and of course the writer for this wonderful evening and lasting impression, buyout, we got in a conversation with him, and solemnly presented him with gifts and threw on the shoulders of chopon traditions of Kazakh people.


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