A competition of young poets


On 16 September at the faculty of Philology in the framework of the Week language was organized a competition of young poets "Geramny Arau Saint-Tugan tilim". The main purpose of the event is patriotism among young people, respect for their language and their participation in the development of their native language. The poems were performed in three rounds: "Ana tilim-arym bul...", "" Gregmo Zhyr of jasamin...", "Shyn talanta sarsi ALADA Tsao go...". The jury consisted of well-known poets and teachers of the faculty in Total 11 poets took part in the competition and the best ones were determined. 1st place went to Kalizhan Erkenaz student Phil-11, Ginat Zhanerke student Phil-11, THIRD place Talgat Akylbek student Phil-13 and Orangelove Meirambek student Phil-13. The winners were awarded with a special diploma and valuable gifts. During the event, young poets of the faculty read poems and showed their talents. The poet-Aytysker Talgat Mike sang the verses and finished the evening.


Сауалнама - Анкета




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