Online conference on Educating girls - education of the nation

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November 12th, 2015 in West-Kazakhstan State University. Utemisov held an online conference on the theme "Educating girls - education of the nation" within the Republican Forum "Woman and Religion" the founder of the club, "Kyz Zhibek".

The organizers - the Office for Religious Affairs of the West Kazakhstan region, West-Kazakhstan State University. Utemisov.




1. Baktygereeva Akushtap Baktygereevna - the head of the women's club ZKGU them. Utemisov, chairman of the branch of the public association WKO "Writers' Union of Kazakhstan";

2. Ahtaeva Marjane Bakytovna - Head of Department for the development of youth policy of the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, head of the club "Kyz Zhibek";

3. Barsana Bakyt Telzhanovna - Professor of Atyrau State University H. Dosmukhamedov, head of the club "Kyz Zhibek";

4. Osman Asyl Alievna - Candidate of Philology, chairman of the association "the state language - respect," Honored Worker of Kazakhstan;

5. Temirbekov Omar Zhanelovich - Associate Professor of the Eurasian National University. LN Gumilev, Ph.D.;

6. Nygmetov Talgat Rakhimovich - Head of the Office for Religious Affairs of ZKO;

7. The Deputy akims, members of the club "Kyz Zhibek", regional, district, municipal, and other IPG.


Moderator - Nygmetov Talgat Rakhimovich - Head of the Office for Religious Affairs of ZKO.


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