"Akzhayyk-adaldyk alany"

ЗКГУ -фото РХЕ 46Today, at the suggestion of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption in the West Kazakhstan region, within the anti-corruption project "Akzhayyk-adaldyk alany" at the same time in all academic buildings was held a Single hour.


ЗКГУ -фото РХЕ 46

Distribution of future specialists

IMG 6752 miniOne of the most exciting months for graduate students is definitely April. Traditionally, at this time, the distribution of future specialists in their future place of work. The Vice-rector for educational and methodical work, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor A. S. Tasmagambetov welcomed the graduates of WKSU 2019 as well as the heads of educational institutions of not only West Kazakhstan, but also the neighboring regions on the distribution of pedagogical specialties. Graduates of the state program "Mangilik El zhastary - industriyaga!""Serpin" received 98.5%, and on rural quotas, on state grants received 100% distribution.


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Expedition to the Terekty district

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 18.53.5112 April 2019 in the framework of implementation of complex event projects: "Tuinier", "Sacral geography of Kazakhstan" program, "Rouhani gear" and the day of workers of Kazakhstan science wksu named after M. Utemisov held expedition away in the Terekty district. It was attended by the Vice-rector on scientific work and international relations by K. M. Ahmedhanov, Junior researcher, laboratory of archaeology, Ethnology and anthropology, U. Sagidullin, a visiting Italian Professor, archaeologist Jean-Luca Bonora, head of the center for internationalization V. S. Zubkov, known to historians, the winners of "Best local history" Kurambaev A. sh. and K. K. Kaban. The scientists investigated previously unexplored necropolis "Shankarlal" p. Mambety, consisting of about 20 kulpytas the 19th century. When reading it was found that tokusetsu kind of kerderi Department of cotterman and jabagi. Visited the village Mambety (Socialism) Genomescale rural district Terektinsky district of West Kazakhstan region, where he met with old men who told the story of their region. In laboratory conditions, field data will be compared with archival data and Shezhire. Scientists of the University in this direction will be continued.

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A true devotee of the language of culture, honored worker of Kazakhstan, professor, academician of Dariga Turankulova Akzhaiyk region

944a94aa-402f-42bf-a2a0-3626003195d9The work makes a considerable contribution to the development of national theatrical art that T the staff room.The Kazakh National Academy of arts named after T. Zhurgenov "language Scenes", head of the Department of physical education and sincere language culture, honored worker of Kazakhstan, academician, Professor M. Akzhaiyk Dariga Tranov in the framework of the visit to the region.West Kazakhstan state University named after M. at the faculty of culture and arts, "Director" for students by students shared with the necessary information for the scene in language. During the "Spiritual Renaissance", the Director of the Institute, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Ydirkeb Abat Sadibaevich, Dean of the faculty of culture and art.R. Kazimova, "Stage speech", Professor, honored worker of Kazakhstan, State prize "Daryn", the owner.And. Mambetova, expensive hotels, pedagogue, academician of the Kazakh Trova success and expressed good wishes.





Round table on" Actual problems of employment of graduates and their adaptation to the labor market"

287 photo Rafkhat HalilovaM. In order to exchange views and identify ways in which effective employment of graduates of West Kazakhstan state University "actual problems of employment and adaptation to labour market of graduates in their" theme. The event was attended by over 30 employers, including in the West Kazakhstan region Department of education, the city education Department, Uralsk West Kazakhstan regional Department of employment coordination and social programs, Department of employment and social programs of the city of Uralsk, secondary specialized and secondary education, the Department of Internal policy, the police of Uralsk city, the second-tier banks, PSP "Serik" and so too.b. .....
During the round table in West Kazakhstan region, the socio-economic sphere based on the needs of professional training of specialists with higher education, young professionals at work in 2019 inalterada widely discussed problems that arise, to solve their problems. Round table at the Department of educational work, Vice rector for.N. d. A. S. Tasmagambetov opened. M. Utemisov wksu G Director of academic activities.With. Results of "training and employment of graduates in the conditions of modernization of Higher education" Department of education of the West Kazakhstan area of Preschool, General secondary, technical and vocational education regional training and methodological Cabinet", And at KSU.About. Khamzina "To forecast the needs of teachers on the topic:" assessment, head of the employment center of the akimat of Uralsk.N. Atkeson "opportunities for job seekers and employers in the sphere of employment of population", Director of the branch of the center of excellence in Uralsk, p. B. K. L. V. Obydenkova "choosing the constant factors of motivation of professional activity of Future teachers" on the reports. "Actual problems of employment and adaptation to labour market of graduates of UNIVERSITIES round table on the theme" project proposals was made at the end.

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"Revival of national consciousness and values of the great steppe»

Mini 5980 IMGM Today.West Kazakhstan state University named Utemisov, "the Future: spiritual revival" 2-year anniversary since the proclamation of the program "modernization of consciousness of the values of the Nation and of the great steppe" international scientific-practical conference. The Chairman of the conference M. Rector of West-Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov.X. What:
"two years ago, the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev "the Future: spiritual revival" was released the program, the directions of the modernization of the consciousness of the nation.
Today, "modernization of consciousness of the values of the Nation and of the great steppe" international scientific-practical conferenceis these results are of strategic importance and the discussion of the implementation of the program aimed at clarifying the Bolashak their work," he said.
The ospankulov Gabidulla Abdullaevich the conference was attended by the Deputy akim of the region, intellectuals, higher educational institutions of the region, the faculty, specially arrived from Italy, scientist, doctor of philosophical Sciences, archaeologist Jean Luca Bonora, Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, youth representatives, members of the Regional Advisory Council. In turn, the Deputy akim of the region focused on the work conducted in the region within 2 years by time of spiritual revival Gabidulla Abdullaevich implemented in the near future, his plans. M. the lectures of PhD from Italy to West Kazakhstan state University named Utemisov, archaeologist Jean Luca Bonora "Spiritual revival" in the framework of the opinion. Year also shared his memories of the capital. And scientists at the plenary session of the conference.With. Ydirkeb, M. B. Sabyr, G. G. report Janybaeva. On the second day the conference will last two days, the work of scientists of the Russian Federation in online mode.

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22 photo Rafkhat Halilova 


Travel to Saratov

The Department of Russian Philology.G. Turagalov F. and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics and management.Muhametkalievna To Russia on secondment to the direction Saratov


11042019 2 The purpose of the trip:

-dissemination of information (history of the University, the education and dormitories, educational-practical base, on);

-introduction higher education institutions UO;

-about time advertising (flyer, information, paper, Newspapers, instructions on using it in universities);

- the presence of the ability to receive a state grant in the Kazakh foreign citizens;

-acceptance of paid offices.

It is important to note that the agreement between Kazakhstan and foreign States in accordance with the agreement on the provision of education in connection with the transfer of the contract.

Wksu learning a foreign 2019 is accepting applicants for paid training on current and adoption of new talapkali project state grant. Through his foreign students can enroll on a paid basis. Foreign citizens on availability receive a state grant in the Kazakh system as a whole.

April 6 in the framework for career guidance to encourage training for students implementation of a national village Smooth-2019", dedicated to M. Utemisov wksu the Department of Russian Philology.G. Turagalov F. and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics and management.To. Muhambetkaliev on a working visit.

The priorities of the project, including the rules of admission of citizens to study in Russia for foreign students, information. Their academic plan at the University of sdirilmis sports and cultural events, learning environment, history of the University, hostel and taken to different areas, learn more about darityygyteby 52 8 experts. The European diplomas, to University, to work abroad, in Russia, CIS and far abroad it was noted that.

Agitation during imystery University "Orken", newspaper, information, paper, and other materials. Work in the city of Saratov "Friends" helped the Kazakh national centre.

Holiday of the Kazakh holiday Nauryz organized by associations of the Diaspora in Saratov region. On the occasion, in the Saratov region, members of the government of the region, districts, and honored guests: members of the special delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ambassadors, public associations, including rope Sakaliev Astrakhan, Atyrau Deputy akim the cities of Ajgul of Azhigalieva, Gabidolla the Ospankulov, Deputy akim of West Kazakhstan region.

Areas and local national-cultural associations, to build the Yurt on the Central street of the village, the national cultures showed national food, participate in national costumes, showed the concert program. At the entrance to the site dear guests candy, maritalement "shashu". All of the holiday " all Nations villages of the Saratov region. This year the Ministry of Finance of the Saratov region 20-year-old Kazakh national-cultural associations, activity.

In 1999 to preserve the culture, children together, and now it's a great organization. Participation in the traditional national holiday is the traditions of the Kazakh people, the tradition, through the study of cultural exchange and bilateral cooperation, friendly relations with Atinati is the basis for strengthening (Strelnikova the speech of the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Saratov region Alexey).


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Today Rector of M. Utemisov WKSU Nurlan Habibolaevich Sergaliev, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, veteran of the great Patriotic war Pavel Bukatkin Romanovich happy birthday

photographer Rafkhat of Hallow 182Today Rector of M. Utemisov WKSU Nurlan Habibolaevich Sergaliev, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, veteran of the great Patriotic war Pavel Bukatkin Romanovich happy birthday (photo, video).
The First President Of The Country N.. Nazarbayev", without the succession of Generations, care and respect for elderly people in the nation never had it trastamara properties," noted that young people, thereby almost lattop individuals on the example of cultivation. Model Arda birth of our citizens, as well as assessing them in a bar, morality, making good deeds is our civic duty." For the team example for all moral Mirren did you know that your labor for the country, for the benefit of the population, which entitles you to arlhs Otan ushin, Keskin the motto of the younger generation. M You.96-year anniversary cordially congratulated the staff of the West Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov, street health, family well-being, happiness wishes. Forever in memory clearly, and will long remain in the memory of this colleague, take gallarys worked at the University. Pavel Romanovich Bukatkin – 3 times, "medal of Honor", order "Red star" 2 times "for Courage", "for Victory over Germany", "for liberation of Prague", Czechoslovakia medals "for Courage", "for the capture Dulany print" and 18 commemorative medals per annum. 1946 - 1996 A. S. West Kazakhstan humanitarian University named after. Pushkin, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, wksu since 2005, the military historical Museum worked as a supervisor. Paul R. made a great contribution to the development of the education system. Students work at various points in the CIS, and Paul Romanovich. He and General education, research work not only (about 100 educational-methodical, scientific publications) and also known as a participant and organizer of the multidisciplinary University of his native city and active life.

photographer Rafkhat of Hallow mini 171

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Photo Rafkhat Halelov



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