Young people help with snow removal on the streets of Uralsk

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The students of West Kazakhstan state University named after Makhambet Utemisov announced challenge of cleaning the city from snow, reports "Khabar 24".

So the youth decided to help local utilities. This winter in the area observed an unprecedented snowfall. The height of snow cover reached 60 cm, at a rate of 28. Since the beginning of the winter period, the city exported 392 thousand square meters of snow. Now public utilities came the students. The first 50 students of West Kazakhstan state University cleaned the sidewalks and the ditches from the street Pugacheva to monument of Abay on Dostyk Avenue. They are encouraged to participate in the promotion of students from other universities oral.

Khalid of Aristagoras, student of wksu them. M. Utemisov:

We want to show an example that it is always necessary to clean the city, keep the city clean. I think that we are not only students, but also students, all support. To all the young people supported the idea. People should help each other. 

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