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No. 12 (157) Dec 2018 – A. in a Republican family edition of "Igilik" S. kadirgama out the extensive article Meruert Abdraimova" in the life of a true humanist man."

January 4-platform of honesty in wksu "Oral oniri". Ayim Toleugali.

January 9-C. In the national publication "Ushkonyr"C. Posted in latest news

January 14-channel "Akzhaiyk" is launched the sports contest "Densaulyk".

January 14 – channel "Akzhaik" In oral started 62nd Olympics "Health".

January 14 – interview A. S. amanbaeva – head Of the center of pre-University training, Executive Secretary of the premium Commission. UNT will be held 4 times a year. Akzhaik TV Channel.

18 ITAR – "Oral өңіrі" Professorlar sayisi. Asia Rubaeva.

M. In wksu them. After more than a quarter century, is the sports contest "Densaulyk". This event continued this year.

January 18 – "Ural" About the history of the small Motherland. Gulnur Kazbek.

January 22 –"Ural" Project management in wksu. Daniyar Bakhishev.

January 29 – "Ural" chance to pass UNT. Svetlana Amanova.

January 29 - "Ontustik onri" Mare should become a national brand. Nurzhan Moldakhanov.

February 5 – "Ural" Asserting the Eurasian way. Daniyar Bakhishev.

February 8 – "Ural" Meeting with students. Amandyk Of Sarsengaliev.

February 15 – "Ural" In the top of the best. Daniyar Bakhishev.

February 19 - "drawing of the Urals". Ali Musin.

February 22 - "the Urals" - the writer, not having a nationality. Gabit Hasanov.

February 26 - "Oral өңіrі" - serverlc cheeses. Biyasheva Glces.




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