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September 1 – Knowledge Day in wksu – regional TV "Kazakhstan-Oral»

September 18 – Republican newspaper "Educated country", page 10, "Dialogue of cultures" (scientific and practical conference in wksu.M. Utemisova).

06 Sep Facebook posted our materials "Decade of tongues" and " In the framework of the "Digital Kazakhstan" (seq. In the computer A. Adilovna)

On September 6, the visit of wksu by the first Deputy Chairman of Nur Otan party was covered by regional and city TV, regional and city Newspapers,correspondents of Khabar and Astana»

06 Sep Pulse article A. Kudysheva on issues of rhetoric

06 Sep "Zhaiyk uni"on the victory Hasanova G. K. and Aronov in a review of state language + the material on the line

September 07 scientific-practical conference within the Days of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in Uralsk. Facebook. Covered TDK-42,regional TV, "priurale"

September 15 "the Urals" about the victory of M. Kenzhegalieva International marathon Pacific contingent

September 18 "Bilimdi ate" Dialogue of cultures. The press service of wksu.

20 Sep posted on Facebook of the material on the national dictation

September 27 "priurale" -the speech of the rector of the Council of public consent

20 September – meeting with the rector Nurlan by Sergalieva on TV "Kazakhstan-Oral" - "the program "Rouhani ganguro" in education.

02 Oct "priurale" article "to Remove the error from advertising" (Reid students Castellana)

02 Oct , Facebook-the signing of the Memorandum on cooperation between wksu and Chingirlau district on the joint study of historical monuments

October 02-signing of the Memorandum by Regional TV and TV channel TDK-42

October 3 - "Egemen Kazakhstan" are exhibits that deserve attention in Egindykol. Kieran Khasanov.
October 3-archaeological research" Zhaiyk uni " - effective. Kausar Baygalieva.

October 3-archaeological research" Zhaiyk uni " - effective. Kausar Baygalieva.

04 Oct "Yelled oniri"-the signing of the Memorandum between wksu and Governor's office of Chingirlau area

October 05-recording of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan,interview of teachers of wksu to regional television and TDK-42

05 Oct Republican newspaper "Yelled өңіrі" response to the President's address to the rector wksu N. X. Sergalieva

October 5-in the Address" Egemen Kazakhstan " a special place is occupied by the issues of science, education and youth. N. X. All.

October 5 – interview on the regional TV "Kazakhstan-Oral" on the President's Address "Growth of welfare of Kazakhstan»:

- Ahmedhanov K. M., Vice-rector for science

- Darisheva T. M. , Vice-rector

- Nesterenko G. I., Dean of the faculty

- Tsenov D., research associate

Interview to the Republican TV channel "24 kz". Funding mechanisms for science find the optimal solution. Almaty M. The dictionary implemented a two-way translation.

Interview to the regional TV channel "Kazakhstan Oral". The priority direction in the Address of the Head of state is in science. Almaty M. The dictionary implemented a two-way translation.

11 Oct Priural'e opinion of G. I. Nesterenko in message of the President RK

October 11 recording from the Day of dedication to students-Regional TV channel "TDK-42»

October 11 – Dedication to wksu students - regional TV "Kazakhstan-Oral".

October №4 (112), 2018g. – Republican journal "Modern education", p. 13 Language, education, cooperation.

October 11 – presentation on regional television R. Sultangalieva on discussion of the Message

October 16 – "priurale" about our employee N. Almaganbetov. Luchinina Alla.

October 16-the acting student "Oral өңіrі" Written article about the photo-exhibition takutanuva. Temirbolat Anvarovich.

October 16-the evening that opened the Palace "Zhaiyk uni". World Suyunalieva.

October 18 – "priurale" Poetry from the heart. Svetlana Amanova.

October 18 – "priurale" You are in photo focus. Daniyar Bakhishev.

October 18 - "the Urals". A message that inspires young people. Michael Likenov.

October 18 - "Oral oniri" – "Zhyryn dauysty Zhyr-Alem". Saya Akhmetov

October 18 interview on the message obl TV Sergaliev N. H. and Darisheva T. M.

20 Oct " "Oral өңіrі" - "Markesan Namys". Gulzhamal Goldia.

October 23-M. "Egemen Kazakhstan"Published an article by associate Professor of wksu.M. Utemisov, candidate of historical Sciences, member of the onomastic Commission of West Kazakhstan region of Anabela Zhaksygalieva "Onomastica tarsitano alandurai".

October 25 – "Zhaiyk uni" THE DEPUTIES OF THE MAJILIS IN WKSU THEM. UTEMISOV. Rita Sultangalieva

October 25-was held honoring the educational legacy of the scholar-educator "III uni". Rita Sultangalieva.


October 25 – in the newspaper "priurale" article "Pump your Kazakh." Galina Samoilova.

October 25 – "priurale" "According to the norms of Latin". Asemgul Certilicate.

October 25 – "Ural" "Algorithm of success". Evgenia Maksimova

October 25 " Oral oniri ""there is a prize for reading books and writing essays." Orazaev.

"October 27" Yelled өңіrі "" Grand Prix in Zhansaya " Geiss the Baymen.

October 30 - " Oral өңіrі "article Sultangalieva Rita on Meyram Isataeva" Jasinda RAR etken Jas Mr"..

November 1 - "Oral oniri" - a tribute to the poets of aitys. Biyasheva Glces.

November 1- "Oral өңіrі" - "Serpentor". MADI's Attention.

November 1 – "the Urals" Gansai Grand Prix. Arailym Bekkaliev

November 1 – "Ural" Who is strong in the economy? Evgenia Maksimova

November 1-International news Agency "Kazinform". Students of Astana and Kazakhstan exchanged views within the framework of the program "Rouhani gear".

November 1-channel "Akzhayik". ENU students toured Giaccomo edge.

November 1 - "Zhaiyk uni" - youth of the capital Akzhayik. Rita Sultangalieva.

November 2 – " akzhayyk Arnasy» WKSU: 40 YEARS OF THE FACULTY OF CULTURE AND ART

November 3-until the end of the hostel" Oral oniri". Biyasheva Glces

November 3 – "Ural" Studying the history of Kazakhstan. Daniyar Bakhishev.

November 6 – "the Urals" the Main BUSINESS of Abate Kadysheva. Alexander Suetin.

November 6 – "Ural" Creativity as a social phenomenon. The Rafkhat Of Hallow.

November 7 - "Egemen Kazakhstan" gathered masters of the brush. Kazbek Thirty

November 8 - "the Urals" for the prizes of Zhubanysh Artemova. Aisha Kurmash.

November 8 - "the Urals" for the prize Artemova. Aisha Kurma.

November 10 - "Ural" lighthouse. Akushtap Baktygereyeva

10 November "Liter" Orientation – modernization. Dementiev Money.

November 12-intellectual competition "SMART STUDENTS "" III uni”

13 November – "priurale" Know Our. Rakim Esen.

November 13-two gold medals in Bucharest "Oral oniri". Geiss The Baymen.

November 15-channel "Akzhayik". West Kazakhstan wrestler became the world champion. Smader Erkebulan.

November 17-International news Agency "Kazinform". Message: faithful service to the people is a sacred duty of a young specialist. Elzhan Eraly.

November 21-the article "TDK 42 ""seven faces of the great steppe"is discussed.

November 21 - "III uni" is an initiative of the breakthrough of consciousness. Kausar Baygalieva.

November 21-channel "Akzhayik". Local scientists are ready to deeply study the history of the great steppe.

November 21 – TV channel "Akzhayyk" to Study the historical facets of the steppe – new challenges for society.

November 21 - "Jaykriss" - an article that begins with the formation of historical consciousness. Gulbarshin Gerieva.

November 21 - "Jaykriss" should be an example from the history of life. Dauren Sagingaliyev.

November 21 - "Jaykriss" - the legitimate continuation of the article" the seven faces of the great steppe " - "look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness". Janibek Zhaksygali.

November 21 – interview on TV "Kazakhstan-Oral" on the article of the Leader of the nation "Seven faces of the great steppe»:

- Darisheva T. M. - Vice-rector

- Shaikenov J. – lecturer in KAZ.philologies;

- Kalmenov M. D. – scientist-archaeologist:

- Tsenov D., member of the Institute "Rouhani ganguro»

November 21 – "TDK-42" the President announced a new program called "7 faces of the great steppe" Marina Garbuk.

November 22 - "Ural" - seven faces of the great steppe. Janibek Zhaksygali.

November 22-article that became the basis for the historical consciousness of the "Urals". Gulbarshin Gerieva.

November 22-the first scientist in the Kazakh literature "Oral oniri". Gulzhamal Goldini.

November 22 – "Oral oniri" is a work compatible with the national ideology. Interviews Dauren Sagingalieva Dinara Zhumabekovna.

22 Nov " "Oral өңіrі" there was Asanas with galmoy. Rose Muhambetkaliev.

November 22 – "Ural" Great steppe for great descendants. Saya Duisenbay.

November 22-channel" Akzhaiyk " Darisheva T. M. D. etc., Almaty Interviews Tsenova.



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