The law "On the status pedagoga" should be adopted in 2019

The law "On the status of the teacher" should be developed and adopted in Kazakhstan next year. It is designed to provide not only incentives for teachers, but also to reduce the load, Khabar 24 reports.

West Kazakhstan state University named after Makhambet Utemisov trains specialists in 52 specialties, half of them are teachers. The University believes that it is necessary to take a stricter approach to selection when recruiting students. In addition, we need a motivational grid so that the salary of a school teacher and a University teacher depends not only on pedagogical but also scientific achievements. It is necessary to reduce the volume of reporting documentation, freeing up time for creativity – these are the proposals of the teachers themselves.

Shynar Gabdrakhmanova, candidate of pedagogical Sciences:

- You can strengthen any requirements that apply to this teacher. If he improves his qualification, if he goes to advanced training courses in the near and far abroad, if he is constantly engaged in improvement, studying languages, undergoing training, etc. Regarding these requirements to receive the appropriate salary. In this case, we would solve many problems, and our talented young teachers would remain at the University.

Gulnara Umarova, associate Professor, candidate of philological Sciences:

- We are concerned about the creative work of the teacher, who needs, first of all, in addition to teaching, to engage in science. And it would be necessary to provide some creative days, time to ensure that the teacher of the University engaged in self-improvement.


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