In West Kazakhstan Region 1800 students need a hostel


In early October, the rules of placement of the state order for the construction of student dormitories came into force, the correspondent of "Khabar 24".

The provision of housing for 75 thousand Kazakh students is one of the social initiatives of the Head of state. 5 thousand students will get places in new hostels this year. By the way, in the region only for students of professional colleges need almost 2 thousand beds.

1 billion 47 million tenge was allocated only this year for the construction of student dormitories in the Republic. In General, in the next three years it is planned to relocate 75 thousand students of domestic universities and colleges to new dormitories. Moreover, in addition to the construction of new buildings, entrepreneurs can reconstruct existing facilities, for example, hotels or hostels.

Aigul Sadykova, senior consultant, Kazakhstan PPP center:

- The state places a state order for each created place. New construction is allocated 122 MCI is about 300 thousand in each created space. 47 MCI is allocated for reconstruction – it is about 100 thousand tenge. It should be noted an important point that the state order will be placed within 8 years. In the first year of placement the tariff is double.

In the Urals 1800 students only colleges now need housing: rent apartments, live with relatives. Today, there are already projects for the construction of several hostels, including in the districts.

Sandugash Aitkalieva, Deputy head of the Department of education of WKO:

- Ded is being developed for the construction of three dormitories. One hostel in Aksai Burlin district, and two – in the city of Uralsk. In Aksai for 150 seats, on the territory of Uralsk one also for 150 and 500 seats.

Almost 5 thousand full-time students receive a profession in one of the oldest Kazakh universities – state University named after Makhambet Utemisov. Here at 6 faculties teach 24 specialties. The University management is preparing an estimate for the construction of a 9-storey hostel for 500 seats.

Nurlan Sergaliev, rector of WKSU M.Utemisov:

- Under the PPP program, the budget will pay all the costs of the private investor that will be invested in this hostel, and the current costs for it. The money will be paid on occupancy, that is, the Commission will come to look: if all 500 seats are filled, respectively, on the basis of these 500 people who live in this hostel, this compensation will be paid.

According to the rules of the PPP program, the state returns money to the investor within 8 years. The latter transfers the building to the balance of the institution. Meanwhile, the monthly payment for accommodation should not exceed 15% of the student's scholarship.


Authors: Botagoz Bazarbayev, Bolat Zharylgasov, Kanat Makhmutov.


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