In wksu named after M. Utemisov held a round table with employers

The event was attended by representatives of over 30 organizations and also administration of employment coordination and social programs. The meeting participants discussed the preparation of competitive specialists with higher education. Training of specialists in accordance with demands of the economy and the social sphere - the main goal of Universities today. It is very important that a student was sure that he left the University, to find worthy work on a speciality. To do this, in wksu them M. Utemisov meetings with employers. Representatives of organizations discuss with specialists from Universities how to adapt future professionals to the labour market.

"Employers who will participate in the assessment of educational programs throughout the country," - said the Director of the Department Academic activities wksu them M. Utemisov gulzhakhan Results

In West Kazakhstan region operates an innovative project on the continuous practice of students.

"Since last year, wksu together with the center of excellence started a very interesting project for continuous practice of the student, which will allow gradually, starting with 1 of course, to enter the profession and remain in it", - says the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Director of the center of excellence NIS Uralsk, Larissa Obediencia

If the student is not satisfied with the work in the chosen profession, it can undergo additional training by contacting the city employment center.

"Basically, all enterprises in the city work closely with us. Demand for technical specialists. Now teachers are required" - said the head of sector of the centre of employment of Almaty Nurzhan Atkeson

The rating at the end of 2018 , prepared by the specialists of JSC "Center for development of human resources" based on the analysis of data on actual employment of graduates, graduates in 2015-2017 gg, wksu entered the top twenty, finishing in 12 place among 101 universities of Kazakhstan.

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"Rouhani jangyru": the second year of implementation

smi11042019 2This year marks two years since the day when the President gave the keynote article "looking to the future: the modernization of public consciousness". In this short time in the region implemented large-scale projects. And that 252 of the initiative. For example in the areas had been opened local history museums, co-working centres for young people. The results of specific projects, spoke at the meeting of the expert Council under the regional commissions.


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Oral oniri, 15 of March 2019


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Young people help with snow removal on the streets of Uralsk

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The students of West Kazakhstan state University named after Makhambet Utemisov announced challenge of cleaning the city from snow, reports "Khabar 24".

So the youth decided to help local utilities. This winter in the area observed an unprecedented snowfall. The height of snow cover reached 60 cm, at a rate of 28. Since the beginning of the winter period, the city exported 392 thousand square meters of snow. Now public utilities came the students. The first 50 students of West Kazakhstan state University cleaned the sidewalks and the ditches from the street Pugacheva to monument of Abay on Dostyk Avenue. They are encouraged to participate in the promotion of students from other universities oral.

Khalid of Aristagoras, student of wksu them. M. Utemisov:

We want to show an example that it is always necessary to clean the city, keep the city clean. I think that we are not only students, but also students, all support. To all the young people supported the idea. People should help each other. 

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На помощь коммунальным службам города на борьбу со снегом вышли студенты Западно-Казахстанского государственного университета им. М. Утемисова. Учащиеся вузов поддержали Challenge, который запустили сотрудники областного акимата. #qaztrk #qaztrkaimaq #qazaqstan #aqjaiyq #aqjaiyqtv #ақжайық #ақжайықтв #зко #челленджснег


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Год молодежи: всесторонняя поддержка молодежной политики


Полёт стаи журавлей...именно так выглядит логотип Года молодёжи, официальный старт которому был дан сегодня из столицы Казахстана — Астаны. Победители конкурса «100 новых лиц», выпускники программы «Болашак», молодые учёные, студенческая и рабочая молодёжь всей страны стали участниками этого значимого мероприятия. Стать причастными к ожидаемому и важному событию смогла молодёжь всего Казахстана, так как мероприятие проходило в прямом эфире. Глава государства заверил во всесторонней поддержке молодёжной политики, новых проектов, а также дал поручения, которые будут выполнены в начавшийся Год молодёжи. 


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Получить диплом, не выходя из дома


Как известно, с 1 января 2019 года в ВУЗах Казахстана отменена заочная форма обучения. Введена альтернативная форма - дистанционное. Тем, кто уже получает знания по заочной форме образования, дадут возможность доучиться. Насколько местные ВУЗы готовы к нововведению, каковы его плюсы и минусы узнавали наши корреспонденты.


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