The report on the activities carried out within the framework of the election of Internet shares

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Department of Foreign Languages

1. Internet project "Love your work" ( " Өzkәsіbіndіsүy " ) . 18 February 2016 . Group of students 03201 Caribana A. , L. Berikbaeva specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" recorded and published on their pages VKontakte video with a single hashtag at the state and Russian languages ​​- # # lyubisvoedelo өzkәsіbіndіsүy .

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2. Project " Zhaқsylyқ Zhasa - to do good ." 18 February 2016 . 03201 group of students held a rally " Қayyrymdylyқ ." They have a moral and material assistance to the elderly man by the name of Nicholas, whose house burned down recently , which was his sick wife . The old man expressed his deep gratitude for the support .  

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