«Do good!»

aksiya 6-min Instructor-master general of the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and self Gold IN within the framework of the action "Do good!" KSU "Regional special boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities" 15 and 16 February 2016 were conducted trainings "I and others", "strong friendship will not break." The purpose of this event is to bring new positive experiences that contribute to the therapeutic action in the field of emotional and volitional and communicative spheres of KSU students. The work was attended by 24 students, of whom 13 persons - students 5 "B" class, 11 people - 8 "B" class. 

Training sessions "I and others"

aksiya 1-min

  aksiya 2-min 








Exercise "Puppet "



aksiya 3-min aksiya 4-min 








 Exercise "Applause"


Training sessions "Strong friendship will not break"

aksiya 5-min aksiya 6-min 








Exercise "Friendship - it's ..."


aksiya 7-min 








Exercise "Circle of emotions"





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