Dear Compatriots! Today I announce the most important appeal to the country and to each of us. In accordance with the country's Constitution, I decided to hold early elections for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 9, 2019.

I agreed with this responsible decision with the head of state Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Consultations with the speakers of the two chambers of parliament, the Prime Minister. Appealed to the agreement of the Constitutional Council. Meeting with party leaders in parliament. Making a decision on special elections is a very important and necessary step. Thanks to the Head of State, we have created an independent, strong state. Kazakhstan has taken a worthy place in the international system. We are recognized by the whole world as an influential and strong state. We are currently experiencing a historical period. Higher power has moved to the legal and peaceful way. The whole world community accepted this event with understanding and respect.

As head of state, I deeply realize my duty and responsibility. Since taking office, I will go to the regions. I know the mood of the people well. Met with the intelligentsia, labor collectives, business representatives, investors, international persons. We are following the path of the head of state. Our people are one. As the highest value of our independence, our country is solid. This is evidenced by the upcoming presidential elections. Therefore, we need clarity in order to ensure and promote social and political consent in the country, to adequately implement socio-economic goals and objectives. In addition, the situation in the world remains stable. This can lead to serious challenges to the security of our homeland. We must maintain continuity and stability in domestic and foreign policy, successfully and effectively implement social programs proposed by the Head of State. For this, I made this fateful decision. Such a decision should be made only in elections by the direct will of the population. Kazakhstan-democratic state. The president is elected by the choice of the people. I, as head of state, guarantee that the elections will be clean, open and fair! This is my strong position! We face big challenges. I believe the people, that is, you. Dear Compatriots! "If Altau, it will go away in the mouth, and four on the hill," says a wise people.

I urge everyone to take a more responsible approach to the upcoming elections. The future of our country, the fate of every family and every citizen directly depends on your decisions!


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