SC National Center of Scientific and Technical Information (JSC NTsNTI) conducts work on establishment of cooperation with Nature Publishing Group publishing house

npg-compressorFor creating favorable conditions for formation of uniform scientific information space, providing scientists and researchers of Kazakhstan with the centralized access to all types of resources of scientific and technical information, both to domestic editions, and to the international databases, JSC National Center of Scientific and Technical Information (JSC NTsNTI) conducts work on establishment of cooperation with Nature Publishing Group publishing house. 

Dear teachers!

Within the reached agreement you had a unique opportunity to expand a circle of own opportunities and to get free test access to electronic scientific magazines Nature to the period from November 1, 2014 to December 1, 2014. 

You can find all information on the scientific portal. or to address in electronic reading (102aud., гл.корпус).

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - Macmillan Publishers Ltd subsidiary, the international publishing house founded in Great Britain in 1843 and presented now in 70 countries of the world. The NPG publishing house was formed in 1999 as a result of merge of department of the scientific periodical press of the Macmillan company (the Nature magazine, etc.) and the NPG publishing house (the former publishing house Stockton Press) publishing the leading scientific medical, scientific and technical journals. The main thing and the most known magazine issued by NPG is Nature — the weekly interdisciplinary scientific magazine issued since 1869. In number of other published

magazines a series of Nature magazines (Nature Physics, Nature Photonics ит enters.), a series of survey magazines Nature Reviews including a series of biological magazines and a series of the magazines devoted to clinical practice in various sections of medicine (the former Nature Clinical Practice series), a number of the academic magazines, and also popular scientific magazines Scientific American and Scientific American Mind.

 Nature - one of the most authoritative general scientific magazines of the USA publishing researches of a wide range of questions, generally natural-science subject. Now is the scientific magazine which is the most quoted in the world, the impakt-factor (according to JCR, 2013) is equal 42.351.

  Every week the Nature magazine publishes the free audiofile in which the most interesting materials in new release of Nature, in particular are presented to interview to researchers and analytical articles of journalists which cover scientific events around the world. Also multimedia files made under the order are issued.

 Stream video - is made for the chosen articles and letters sent to the Nature magazine. In a video format discussions, state-of-the-art reviews and interview to researchers are presented to them.

 The site used Earth Google search engine for tracking distribution of a virus of bird flu I15N1. For this initiative in 2006 the site was awarded awards of the British association of network publishers of Association of Online Publishers (AOR) 4Jse of a New Digital Platform’.

Diaries (Blogs) located on the site form a forum in which users can comment on the latest news, discuss the attended seminars or conferences, to get advice concerning the publication in the Nature magazine, etc.

 Elucian Islands-house NPG in the virtual world of Second Life in which materials about scientific conferences the lasting projects and regular actions are stored. Monthly on the site about 1,5 million searches are carried out.

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