Round table


"My contribution


in the implementation of the principle of science in the content of training"


Purpose: to improve the quality of training bachelors and masters in terms of updating the content of training in the SOSH RK.

Participants: all faculty members.

Planned result:

-improving the quality of PPP work;

-recommendations for the preparation of the publication (articles, educational and methodical); creation of a data Bank PPP;

-accounting in the rating assessment of the quality of PPP.

Presentation of the material in the form of a report on electronic and paper (Volume no more than 5 pages, font Times New Roman 14, interval 1.5); Presentation.

Content. Briefly and clearly reflect:

understanding the didactic principle of scientific learning;

the role and place of the principle of science in the teaching of specific disciplines. («my» understanding);

-understanding of the relationship of the principle of science in the study of specific subjects and topics in school and University.

Evaluation criteria:

-clarity, logic content;

the quality of the presentation;

-communicative competence.

The result: the Creation of a Bank of information on scientific methodological work of the teaching staff.

Jury: Dean of the faculty; teachers of departments; external participants.

Terms: -materials to submit to the Department until February 15, 2019

- The round table will be held until 25-26 February 2019.



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