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XXI century - the century of information technologies and digital libraries. But at heart everyone knows and feels that that does not inspire us to new discoveries and bold actions, like reading books. Library throughout human civilization has always been the repository and conduit of human traditions and intelligence.

news poslan 5Following traditions established centuries ZKGU Scientific Library is one of the centers of dissemination of knowledge, intellectual communication and education of the younger generation. The main task of the library - this is the full and prompt information service of students, faculty members, graduate students and university staff.

In order to achieve these objectives in all the reading rooms of the library are set periodically book exhibitions of new arrivals "Zhana әdebietter kөrmesі" and exhibitions, promoting the basic ideas and tasks set by the Head of the state in the annual messages. As well as exhibitions on current topics of our time.

Dear faculty, staff, students and undergraduates!

news poslan 6 Library doors open to everyone, where everyone can get acquainted with the books in the exhibition and stored in the fund of the library, with the use of new technologies, visit the museum of rare books.

Reading Rooms operate from 8.00 am to 20.00 pm without a break, on Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00. Also operates an electronic reading room where readers can engage with the library and electronic publications to use foreign and domestic electronic full-text databases.

We are waiting for you, dear readers!



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